YoWhatsApp Gold 12.66

YoWhatsApp Gold 12.66

YoWhatsApp Gold 12.66 is the most famous version in the YoWhatsApp Gold 12.66 series of publisher YOWhatsApp Gold
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YOWhatsApp Gold
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YOWhatsApp Gold 12.66

  • •Base updated to
  • •Separate chats and groups.
  • •View messages from each participant (GB).
  • •Quick contact bar.
  • •Hide archived chats.
  • •Show lock icon
  • •Show lock icon in home row for locked chats.
  • •Enabled: Reactions feature (long press any message).
  • •Enabled: Pause and resume voice memo recording.
  • •Enabled: New Contact Profile UI design.
  • •In-app translation re-added
  • •Text status translation added again.
  • • Added Delete Backup option which now deletes all data from previous backups. More space saving. (Gold settings > Universal > Backup and restore > Erase)
  • •Enabled: Disappearing messages more options (24 hours, 7 days, 90 days)
  • •Fixed Gold Backup folder taking up large storage space
  • •Fixed widget loading bug
  • •Many fixes.

YOWhatsApp Gold 12.60

  • Version for Base v10.60
  • Basic update to Play Store
  • ✅ Now WhatsApp You Gold is affiliated with META.
  • ◐ A new look has been added when entering someone’s status information.
  • ◐ Added emojis Comments same as Telegram.
  • ◐ The translation has been added to more than 12 languages ​​when writing a message, and it has also been added in the conversations screen.
  • ◐ Enable hidden messages option Fixed crash for low-end Android devices.
  • ◐ The feature of sending a message to an unsaved number has been removed for the purpose of more privacy.
  • ◐Exclusively sending group messages to groups from the option: Broadcast Massage to group’s from the main screen options
  • ◐ٳ Ability to see downloads (when downloading programs from WhatsApp)
  • ◐ The ability to see the message sent to you in the groups (@mention)
  • ◐ The ability to choose the case that you want the other person to know that you saw by just clicking on the vision sign
  • ◐The ability to download the status by arrow for Android 9 devices
  • ◐ The ability to distinguish group messages from the sign (???? next to the message)
  • ◐ Possibility to know the deleted case from the mark ( ???? next to the time in the case)
  • ◐ The ability to know the deleted messages from the mark ( ???? next to the message)
  • ◐ The possibility of copying the status (news)
  • ◐ Possibility to delete the message at any time
  • The ability to know the number of messages of group subscribers
  • ◐Possibility to install more than three chats
  • ◐Activate night mode
  • ◐Activate animated stickers
  • Other fixes and improvements discover it yourself ????

YOWhatsApp Gold 12.50

  • • Base update to (
  • • [View Once Disable ] – you can view any media file unlimited times instead of onec.
  • • [Added] you can Download View Once media

YOWhatsApp Gold 10.50

♧Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you♧
In the name of God and prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah
My friends are followers of the professional programmer’s channel and blog
I hope you are all fine, God willing
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2021 version against ban


Download all versions of Yo WhatsApp, the latest version against the ban yowhatsapp
The new Yo WhatsApp Plus is considered the best version on the scene so far, and you can download and install the YoWhatsApp application with ease. When you use the latest version of the Yo WhatsApp update, the new yo whatsapp apk, the new latest update, you will notice the big difference that will really amaze you with all its wonderful features, and Yo WhatsApp latest version anti-ban,
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WhatsApp Yo is a modified version of WhatsApp from the popular WhatsApp official app. yo WhatsApp provides a lot of great features, including customization, new yo WhatsApp themes and themes, change of styles, yo WhatsApp app lock, conversation locks, privacy mods, and many more features. WhatsApp U, download you whatsapp latest version,


It also supports 3 copies of WhatsApp to run three accounts in one Android phone, Yo WhatsApp Youssef Al-Basha yowhatsapp yousef, supports all Android devices WhatsApp YOWA
The latest version, download and install the latest WhatsApp,
Download the latest Yowhatsapp update
What’s new in the Yo WhatsApp application 2021 yowa
Fix the backup problem in WhatsApp U.
The devices now support Kitkat versions 4.1
Fix the color of the number of unread messages.
Fix You do not have enough space on the device.
Increase message forwarding to 1000.
You can now install more than 1000 conversations.
Lots of new additions and features
Fixes and improvements!
Download yowhatsapp apk download latest version against ban 2020


1- Update yowhatsapp to base 2.20.123
2- Exclusive option to separate the conversations / groups in two screens
3- Add an option, swipe the chat row in the main screen to see quick actions
4- Add the new WhatsApp Fingerprint interface
5- Bottom bar style option for UI
6- Add the dark mode add-on
7- Option to use phone system emoji variant for WhatsApp
8- The size of the APK file has been reduced to 33MB
9- Fix people’s photos appear incorrectly in Instagram status style
10- Fix status text sometimes not showing up when replying to status
11- Fix changing toolbar icons to white randomly
12- Fix black line on swipe when Instagram status style is enabled
13- Other improvements and fixes for whatsapp yo,
Download the yowhatsapp Apk application, update WhatsApp Youssef Al-Basha, the latest version against the ban for Android


1- Download the story/status of any person.
2- Hide the last appearance and the blue correct.
3- Hide that you have seen anyone’s story, and all privacy options.
4- Using the fingerprint to lock conversations and the WhatsApp application.
5- Themes store contains more than 2,400+ themes
6- The possibility of changing the Facebook to Facebook, Twitter, or others.
7- Put a lock on WhatsApp or a specific conversation
8- Convert long videos into clips of the allowed length for easy posting on the status / story!
9 – The ability to send 100 images at once + an option to send images with high accuracy
10- The possibility of sending a message to an unsaved number and many others.
11- WhatsApp yo carries all the advantages of WhatsApp Plus and Blue
12- Supports all Android devices.
13- In addition to the modern design in downloading WhatsApp, and more advantages!
To facilitate and speed up the download of WhatsApp to you
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Note: The links to download yo whatsapp are updated, the latest version, download yo whatsapp permanently. Now you will download yo whatsapp, the latest update of yo, and all versions of yo whatsapp, Youssef Al-Basha yowhatsapp, the new latest version yo whatsapp you whats app is updated against the ban, yo download link WhatsApp direct. download yowhatsapp.


Yo WhatsApp Plus + a copy to run a second number
And a copy to run the third number. WhatsApp Youssef Al-Basha
It is based on the latest version
From the original WhatsApp application, the Google Play Store version.
The new update contains new additions and features.

YOWhatsApp Gold 10.40

Base update to (
[View Once Disable ] – you can view any media file unlimited times instead of onec.
[Added] you can Download View Once media

YoWhatsApp Gold APK 10.40 Latest Version (2021)
???? 09-09-2021

Base update to (
[View Once Disable ] – you can view any media file unlimited times instead of onec.
[Added] you can Download View Once media

YoWhatsApp Gold APK 10.30 Latest Version (2021)
???? 5-27-2021

???? News:
~ Fixed some bugs
~ Basic update to (
× For tire problems:
• Backup chats locally with fresh installation and restore when verification is complete
• Do not use backup and restore

Fixed Some Bugs
Base update to (

YOWhatsApp Gold 10.15

???? Gold feature

✅Fixed some bugs
????Disappearing messages option enabled
????Crash fixed for low-end Android devices
????Added 5 new input styles
????14 new tick styles
????15 New bubble styles
???? Mention name color selector
???? “Always play video status with sound” option
????Improved Hide chats divider.
????Real-time update of fixed fast sidebar counter
????Fixed house counter for Arabic language
????Fixed Hide Convo call icon option
????Improve real-time update of locked icon show convo
????New data storage management option (official)
????Automatic custom media download added
????New attachment picker user interface.

YOWhatsApp Gold 9.91

???? 28-10-2020

???? NEWS ????

???? Mark blue in reply for personalized contact
???? Font option added in universal> style
???? Fixed theme option for Android 9 and later versions
???? Fixed all conversation input styles
???? Added BOR in a custom answer
???? Advanced search on home screen (official)
???? Fixed scheduler message for more than one contact.
???? Fixed counter on home screen group tab
???? Enabled the Messanger room
???? Fixed ignoring archived chats
???? Right slide bubble actions added in GoldSettings
???? Fixed Convo image for multimedia message
???? Added 66 font styles
???? Improved universal background color
???? Fixed status view in custom privacy
???? And many more fixes ….

???? Everything from previous versions + yowa
???? Mesage Scheuler
???? Auto Answer
???? Send message to unsaved number can be taken advantage of by LongPressing New chat icon
5. Custom color for status background is also added and can be used by Long press “T” and color tray in text status screen
???? Insta like stories is again in the GoldSetting> Home> Header> Homelayout option
???? Find out more ….

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