YMWhatsApp Business 11.0 + Clone

YMWhatsApp Business 11.0 + Clone

YMWhatsApp Business 11.0 + Clone is the most famous version in the YMWhatsApp Business 11.0 + Clone series of publisher YMWhatsApp Business
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Additional Information

YMWhatsApp Business
4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Whatsapp Mods
Varies with device
December 07, 2021
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YMWhatsApp Business Version 11.0

  • NEW Base Updated to Stable Base.
  • NEW Added option to lock entry to archived chats and settings+.
  • NEW The option to send a video of more than 16MB is now visible (Experimental).
  • NEW Now when hiding the Mark As Seen and Download Status icons will be invisible, you can keep clicking right there.
  • NEW Now when archived chats are hidden you can access them by clicking on the right side of the WhatsApp Business name.
  • NEW The call privacy option has been improved. (Now it is by default to show that you have not answered the call).
  • Additional The message counter in groups is now more accurate.
  • Additional The option to choose the way to load the gifs (Tenor-Giphy) has been eliminated.
  • Fixed Fixed the sending of photos in high resolution.
  • Fixed Fixed duplicate contacts error when both packages are installed.
  • Fixed Fixed uploading videos longer than 30 seconds to states.
  • Fixed Fixed storage permission.
  • Fixed Other fixes and performance improvements!

YMWhatsApp Business Version 10.0

  • 🆕 #Base:
  • 📆 10-18-2021
  • 📃 News YMWA Business
  • 🔸New WhatsApp Business design (Flat – Vivid colors).
  • 🔸Now you can use the multi-device function (Beta).
  • 🔸Added Anti-view once.
  • 🔸Now you can download photos sent in “view once” mode.
  • 🔸Added option to hide archived chats from main screen.
  • 🔸A section was added in the mod settings to make donations.
  • 🔸Added Internet image search from chat.
  • 🔸Added Arm-64 architecture.
  • 🔸The option to split videos has been completely removed.
  • 🔸The option to remove the Read More button has been removed.
  • 🔸The time to delete a message for everyone was reduced to 11am due to the WhatsApp servers.
  • 🔸YMWA code optimized.
  • 🔸Fixed online contact notification option. (In some cases it did not show the names of the contacts).
  • 🔸Other fixes and performance improvements!

YMWhatsApp Business Version 9.0

  • NEW Base Updated to Stable Base.
  • NEW Now you can choose between Tenor and Giphy when sending a GIF.
  • NEW Selectable text in the description of the state.
  • NEW Hide typing and hide recording, are now linked.
  • NEW Clear cache (one section for Android 5-10, another section for Android 11 and higher).
  • NEW The button to download states in the 3 points was added again.
  • NEW You can now delete recent emojis in any conversation, at all 3 points.
  • NEW Hebrew language added.
  • NEW Enabled See once when sending images and videos.
  • Additional Hidden features enabled.
  • Additional The Hide second tick option has been removed to avoid message delays.
  • Fixed Fixed media settings (It was disabled by itself).
  • Fixed Fixed Mod backup on Android 11.
  • Fixed Fixed some privacy details.
  • Fixed More fixes and improvements!

YMWhatsApp Business Version 8.0

  • 🗓 11/Jul/2021
  • • What’s new?
  • — Base Updated to Stable Base.
  • — Added Call privacy.
  • — Now you can send any video as gif.
  • — Now you can write a status of up to 2k characters.
  • — Now when airplane mode is enabled, a warning will appear on the home screen.
  • — Added option to increase broadcast limit.
  • — New varieties of font styles.
  • — Enabled New archived chat system
  • — Some features were removed.
  • — Fixed bug of the fonts of the previous version.
  • — More bug fixes and performance improvements!
  • • What’s new in WA Business?
  • — Message bubbles in conversations have been redesigned. Now they are more rounded!

YMWhatsApp Business Version 7.0

  • What’s new?
  • A clean installation is recommended.
  • – Base updated to Stable base.
  • – Added alert when sending the sticker.
  • – Added option to disable proximity sensor.
  • – Enabled @ Mention Badge in groups.
  • – Blue was added back when replying and marking status as seen.
  • – Hidden functions enabled.
  • – Fixed font change when removing preferences.
  • – Fixed status display labels (viewed, recent, muted).
  • – Bug fixes and performance improvements …
  • What’s new in WA Business?
  • – You can now listen to voice messages at different speeds by toggling the 1x / 1.5x / 2x buttons while a message is playing.

YMWhatsApp Business Version 6.1

  • NEW Added ProductSans-Medium font.
  • NEW Added GoogleSans-Medium font.
  • Fixed Fixed Google Play Services Error.
  • Fixed Fixed Video Splitter.
  • Fixed Fixed translation errors.
  • Fixed Bugs fixes and performance improvements…

YMWhatsApp Business Version 6.0

  • NEW Base Updated to Stable Base.
  • NEW Added Custom Privacy.
  • NEW Added Video Splitter.
  • NEW Added Being able to click on links in the status description.
  • NEW Delete messages for everyone up to 100 days.
  • NEW Added Option to Show my name on main screen.
  • NEW Added option to hide video splitter icon.
  • NEW Added Option to send 100 photos at a time.
  • NEW Added Option to pin more than 3 chats.
  • NEW Added Option to hide video call icon in groups.
  • NEW Added Option to hide call icon in groups.
  • Additional Enabled hidden features.
  • Additional Removed YM Browser.
  • Blue on reply and Mark status as seen, no work for the moment…
  • Fixed Fixed forwarding of messages to more than 5 contacts.
  • Fixed Bugs fixes and performance improvements…

YMWhatsApp Business Version 5.1

  • NEW Re-added Pin more than 3 chats.
  • Additional Antiban improvements.
  • Additional Image quality increased to 5MB.
  • Additional Performance improvements.

YMWhatsApp Business Version 5.0

  • 08/03/2021
  • NEW Base Updated to Stable Base.
  • NEW Mark status as seen.
  • NEW Added 🚫 icon for deleted status.
  • NEW Contact online Toast.
  • NEW Status seen Toast.
  • NEW Change profile Toast.
  • NEW Option to Ignore archived chats.
  • NEW Option to enable UI 2014.
  • NEW Copy description of a state.
  • NEW Now the mod will notify you when an update is available.
  • Additional Enable hidden features.
  • Additional Simpler and more comfortable user interface.
  • Fixed Restart button in android 10 and higher.
  • Fixed Hide photos, videos and gif in gallery.
  • Fixed More fixes and improvements!

YMWhatsApp Business Version 4.0

  • 30/01/2021
  • NEW Base Updated to Stable Base.
  • NEW Separated: anti-deleted messages and statuses.
  • NEW Added 🚫 icon for deleted message.
  • NEW Added San Francisco font.
  • NEW Now you can pin more than 3 chats.
  • Additional Enable hidden features.
  • Additional Removed Bomb Text.
  • Fixed Media settings.
  • Fixed Hide recording.
  • Fixed More fixes and improvements!

YMWhatsApp Business Version 3.0

  • 10/01/2021
  • Base
  • NEW Updated base
  • NEW New media settings.
  • NEW Added Message counter (groups)
  • NEW Added option to Hide Archived Chats.
  • NEW Added option to Hide chat dividers.
  • NEW Added option to Block calls. (Credits to BSEWAMODS).
  • NEW Added option to Hide search icon.
  • NEW Added option to Hide name and date when copying more than 2 messages.
  • NEW Added option to Enable selectable text.
  • NEW Added option to Delete recent emojis.
  • NEW Added option to Enable Conversation Cards (Multiple Chats)
  • NEW Added option to remove Read More button.
  • NEW Added option to Hide muted states.
  • NEW Added option to Hide viewed states.
  • NEW Added option to Hide recent statuses.
  • NEW Added option to Disable audio notification.
  • NEW Added option to Hide WhatsApp images in gallery.
  • NEW Added option to Hide WhatsApp videos in gallery.
  • NEW Added option to Hide WhatsApp gifs in gallery.
  • NEW Added option to Hide call icon.
  • NEW Added option to Hide video call icon.
  • NEW Added option to Enable Always Online.
  • NEW Added option to Increase Forward Limit.
  • NEW Added option to reset WhatsApp preferences.
  • NEW Added German and Dutch Language.
  • NEW Unlocked Send more than 30 photos at a time.
  • NEW Unlocked Send audios larger than 16MB.
  • NEW Unlocked Send videos over 16MB.
  • NEW Unlocked Send files larger than 100MB.
  • Additional Hidden features enabled.
  • Additional Improvements in the different languages of the Mod.
  • Fixed Button colors in dark mode.
  • Fixed More fixes and improvements!

YMWhatsApp Business Version 2.5

  • 30/11/2020
  • Base
  • NEW Extended version.
  • NEW Added again the option to be able to change the font style.
  • Fixed Small details fixed.

YMWhatsApp Business Version 2.0

  • 20/10/2020
  • Base
  • NEW Updated base
  • NEW YM Settings within WhatsApp settings
  • NEW Button to allow unknown fonts and notice for Android 10+ users
  • Additional Anti-delete messages and statuses is activated by default (Fixed)
  • Additional Hidden functions enabled
  • Fixed Battery consumption
  • Fixed Not sending messages (sometimes)
  • Fixed YM Browser (it was closed when a search was done directly)
  • Fixed Performance
  • Fixed More fixes and improvements!

YMWhatsApp Business Version 1.0

  • 18/09/2020
  • Base
  • NEW Updated base
  • NEW Multimedia settings.
  • NEW Clean WhatsApp.
  • NEW Block WhatsApp.
  • NEW Change font style (new fonts added).
  • NEW YM Navegador.
  • NEW Available in 11 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, Urdu) Global: English.
  • NEW Privacy included.

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