WhatsApp Business M 11.0

WhatsApp Business M 11.0

WhatsApp Business M is the most famous version in the WhatsApp Business M series of publisher WhatsApp Business M
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Additional Information

WhatsApp Business M
4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Whatsapp Mods
Varies with device
December 4, 2020
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Price: $0


❤️‍🔥 BASE

– [Removed] Automatic reply and timed message temporarily removed
– [Removed] Separated group chats temporarily removed
– [Removed] Call privacy temporarily removed
– [Removed] Multimedia Mods
– [Fix] Hide typing…
– [New] Ability to change the color text of states
– [New] The option to send messages to an unsaved number has become more visible
– [Improved] Update system improvements
– [New] Possibility to change the quality of sending images
– [New] Added an option to clear cache on Android 10/11 and another to clear cache on devices with Android less than 10
– [Fix] multimedia mod bug
– [New] Ability to change the playback speed of voice memos
– [New] Possibility of sending messages to be seen only once
– [New] Other bug fixes and improvements

#WaBusiness M v10.3
♨️ [New] Possibility to separate Chats from Groups
♨️ [Fixed] Small bug fixes

🆕 WaBusiness M 10.2
🆕 Base:
ℹ️ Package: com.whatsapp.w4b

♨️ [New] Now when a crash occurs in the mod, a screen will appear with the report so that it is easier to report the error
♨️ [New] New method of entering archived chats
♨️ [Improved] Improvements in the update system
♨️ [Fixed] Bug when receiving calls
♨️ [Fixed] Bug when trying to send a file

📂 Download here📥

🆕 WaBusiness M 9.2
🆕 Base:
ℹ️ Package: com.whatsapp.w4b

♨️ [Added] Automatic replies
♨️ [Fixed] A problem in the base makes it impossible to hide the last time from the mod settings, so the option will not work, to hide the last time you can do it from More options> Settings> Privacy

🆕 WaBusiness M 9.1
🆕 Base:
ℹ️ Package: com.whatsapp.w4b

📆 3-29-2021

🚫 [Not added] Messages programmed have been temporarily removed due to a small bug, it will be added again in another update
♨️ [Fixed] Hide last time
♨️ [Fixed] Archived fab button
♨️ [Fixed] Bug when forwarding messages
♨️ [New] Option to delete the shortened status folder

📥 Download here 📥

🆕 WaBusiness M 9.0
🆕 Base:
ℹ️ Package: com.whatsapp.w4b

🚫 [Not added] Messages programmed have been temporarily removed due to a small bug, it will be added again in another update
♨️ [New] Redesigned mod settings
♨️ [New] Custom color palette for states
♨️ [New] Option to hide the custom color palette
♨️ [New] Fab button to enter archived chats
♨️ [New] Option to hide button from archived chats
♨️ [New] StatusSplit (Shortened from videos for states)
♨️ [New] Option to hide the status shortener button
♨️ [Fixed] Installation bugs on some devices

# WaBusiness_M_8.3 • Ithalo Edition

🆕 Base:

List of corrections and news👇🏻👇🏻

♨️ [Fixed] Installation bugs on some devices
♨️ [Fixed] Bugs in the update system on some devices
♨️ [Improved] Status subtitle position
♨️ Many more improvements and options !!!

Version: 8.1
Package: com.whatsapp.w4b
Package: com.whatsapp.w4c
[Exclusive] Now when you click on the description of a state, it will be copied to the clipboard
[Exclusive] By pressing and holding the description of a state you can select to choose what to copy
[BETA function] Possibility of Programming Messages to send them to Groups and States (This function is in beta phase so it may present some problems)
[BETA function] Possibility of sending Automatic Responses to Groups (This function is in beta phase so it may present some problems)
Improved WhatsApp lock design
Improved design of the Security section
Improved layout of the backup and restore section
New option to delete backup folder
Improved layout of the WhatsApp Cache section
New cleaning options in the Cache section of WhatsApp
New Design of selector of stickers, form, emojis when editing an image
Limit to delete messages for everyone increased to 100 days
Redesigned mod settings
New style of Download status buttons and mark status as seen
Scheduled messages
Automatic responses
Added button to enter mod settings from main screen
Option to hide mod settings button on main screen
Option to activate / deactivate hidden chats
Option to make selectable text in chats
Deactivate / activate read more
Hide date and name when copying two or more messages
Hide frequent contacts in the forwarded section
Option to activate / deactivate sound of the videos in the states
enable / disable speaker / speaker switching during voice memo playback
Option to manage storage in cache section
Now the mod will automatically notify when a new version is available
Fixed Errors with Backup and Restore
Fixed Errors with cleaning the cache
Problems with multimedia mods
General improvements, more optimized and other bug fixes

🚀 # Update
🌟 #WhatsApp
⚜️ #Business_M
🏷 #Base:
📆 12-12-2020
📃 News M

♨️ Download states moved to 3 points
♨️ About section improved
♨️ Show / hide the BombText button
♨️ Increase the forwarding limit to 250 chats
♨️ Hide archived chats
♨️ Ignore archived chats
♨️ Increased the limit of sending Audio / videos to 1024mb
♨️ Hide muted states
♨️ Hide viewed states
♨️ Hide recent statuses
♨️ Temporary Messages
♨️ Limit of sending documents to 2024mb (2GB)
♨️ Hidden functions enabled (Stickers in states, New wallpapers, Payments, New sticker store design)

⚡️ # Fix_Update
🌟 #WhatsApp #Business_M
🏷 #Base V4.1
📆 10-26-2020

🧾 Features

♨️ Improved Backup and Restore
♨️ New method of access to mod settings
♨️ Menu New chat (Direct Chat) REMOVED BY BUG
♨️ Removed Immunization section
Package 1 and 2
♨️ Immune version FIXED
♨️ 100×100 FixSmS
♨️ 100×100 antiban
♨️ Privacy settings (Hide last time, Hide status view, Hide blue tick)
🚫 Anti-delete messages / statuses
♨️ New chat
♨️ Supports 3 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese)
♨️ Stock Design
♨️ Dark mode
♨️ Online contact notification
♨️ Animated stickers
📶 Airplane Mode (DND)
♨️ Animated stickers store
⚠️ Backup and Restore (Not compatible with WaM Pro and WaM Premium)

: hotsprings: Based on: WhatsApp Business
: hotsprings: Package: 2 and 3.
: small_orange_diamond: com.whatsapp.w4b
: ballot_box_with_check: com.whatsapp.w4c
: white_check_mark: Update characteristics:
hotsprings: Improved Backup and Restore
hotsprings: New method of access to mod settings
hotsprings: New Chat Menu (Direct Chat)
hotsprings: Immunization section removed
hotsprings: Immune version
hotsprings: Other improvements and bug fixes

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