WhatsApp Beta Mod

WhatsApp Beta Mod

Whatsapp Beta Mod Black And Red Edition v2.21.11.5 is the most famous version in the Whatsapp Beta Mod Black And Red Edition v2.21.11.5 series of publisher Whatsapp Beta Mod
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Additional Information

Version Beta
Whatsapp Beta Mod
Price: $0


???? # Update
☑️ #WhatsApp_Beta
???? #Base:
???? 08/03/2021

???? News Beta Privacity
✅Modified version of Whatsapp Beta with privacy.
✅- Base updated to
✅- Active hidden functions
✅- All privacy
✅- iOS Emoji
✅- Single View Media
✅- Audio Accelerator (1x, 1.5x and 2x)
✅- Color palette in states
✅- 100% in Portuguese
✅- For more use the mod

Whatsapp Beta Mod Pt-Br
Modified Version of Whatsapp Messenger Beta With Privacy and Hidden Features Active.

About the app
???? Category: Communications
???? Version: v2.21.12.16 Beta
???? Android: Android 4.0+ (not tested on Android 11+)
???? Mod:
– 100% in Portuguese
– Black and Cyano Edition
– Active Hidden Resources
– All the privacies of a mod
– (Added) Color palette in status
– (Added) Audio Speed
– (Added) Single View Media
– 6MB standard photos
– DOWNLOAD status
– Etc

Whatsapp Beta Mod ( PT-BR VERSION )
Beta version of whatsapp with Privacy =)

About the app
???? Category: Communication
???? Version: v2.21.12.4 Beta
???? Android: Android 4.0+
???? Mod:
– Entirely in Pt-Br
– Showing messages that disappear. Now you can set chats to disappear after 7 days.
– Search your stickers with text and emoji or categories.
– Decorate your photos and videos with smoother designs and new alignment guides.
– Now you can set a custom wallpaper for a chat or set a wallpaper in dark mode. Choose from an updated wallpaper gallery or new colors over the doodle background.
– Full AntiBan
– New updated base for
– (Enabled) All features hidden.
– Same as Whatsapp default
– (Added) Hide Chat
– (Removed) Message Deleted Icon ????
– All types of privacy included. view, blue tick, Double tick, typing, anti revoke, hide status view, BOR).
– New chat
– Status download
– Dark mode enabled
– SMS verification corrected


⚜️Base: v2.21.11.5
⚜️Black And Red Edition


????100% in Portuguese
????Fully Black And Red (Works In Dark Mode Only)
????All Privacy
????High Quality Images By Default (6MB)
????Icon When Tagged Into A Group On The Main Screen (@)
????300 Day Anti-Expire
????Custom font
????Status Over 30s (For Mod Users Only)
????New Colors in Status (Icon Beside)
????Direct Chat (No Need to Save Number)
????And Much More. . .

Thanks :
– Whatsapp inc.
– Andi Abdi Handi
– Rikri Rikardo
– Delta Labs
– Muhammad Enciks Zulkifli
– Fahmy
– Gaurav
– Sam
– All Modder‌‌ From Whatsapp

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