Whatsapp Belico v5

Whatsapp Belico v5

Whatsapp Belico v5 is the most famous version in the Whatsapp Belico v5 series of publisher EL CUBANO MODS
NulledAndroid Installer v1.0

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NulledAndroid Installer v1.0

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NulledAndroid Installer v1.0

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Hello hard of the apps finally the new update of WHATSAPP, but first of all let’s talk a little about this WHATSAPP, it has included new functions, and also the appearance becomes more cool and fresh. The latest version of WhatsApp has been updated and added with the best and most amazing features.

This WHATSAPP can also be installed without having that hassle of deleting the original WhatsApp app, so you can also proceed two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously to your Android devices to make it easier to use without any hassle.

The installation process is the same as the original version, however, first of all, do not forget to save your respective backup, so that you do not lose your most important conversations, once that is done, start the installation process, for those that they have never done a backup, what they should do is go to the settings, go to the chat and then go to backup and proceed to make it super easy and fast, once these steps are done, continue adding your  phone number and accepted the terms and processing of WhatsApp.

Once all the steps have been completed and your backup copy has been recovered, you can proceed to enjoy this spectacular WhatsApp update on your Android mobile phone, 


  • INTERFACE : It  has many ranges of color games and a simple way to use this WhatsApp 2022.
  • Security: and Privacy: it has functions such as hide last time, hide blue tiks, freeze anti-view, we can activate the function of disabling forwarding label, anti-deletion of messages and anti-deletion of states.
  • Appearance and Style: they will have the opportunity to change varieties of typography, and you can change the chat bubble and the read tick and many appearance functions such as emojis Stilo Facebook, iPhone, Android emojis, emoji one you can even choose your favorite icon for the applications menu.
  • Send files:  you can change the ability to send videos or photos with a larger volume of storage than the original version.
  • Notifications: you will now be able to know who is online and who is not, it notifies you who changes their profile picture or who has updated a new status.
  • Anti-ban function:  so that WhatsApp cannot block or censor your account.


  • They added multiple accounts where they can add multiple accounts or multiple WHATSAPP numbers to a single application, this is for people who need personal or work accounts, among others.
  • New emojis which are super cool for you to send to your friends like the fire heart and the bandaged heart.
  • It has emoticons and super fansy letter styles, it has bomb messages.
  • It has to change the speed of the audios at three speeds, change the voice, place wallpapers.
  • you will be able to block the chat of a contact for a more effective and quiet privacy either with a pin, pattern or fingerprint.
  • You will be able to download the photos or video that they send us in view mode once.
  • You can modify the color of the point that shows that a contact is online in the photo of this.
  • Modify text color, read and unread text color.
  • We will be able to change the day and night icon, these icons are super cool, also the airplane mode icon, apart from that you can change the search icon and the icon of multiple accounts.
  • We can change the color of the search bar and the border of the search bar.
  • Super spectacular drawer styles, you can modify the colors and the border.
  • It has iPhone-style emojis, Facebook among others, a wide variety of fonts, in addition to app menu icons and notifications.
  • You can modify the banner screen, inserting a background with an image that you have on your mobile device if you cannot apply a solid color, the one that most attracts your attention.
  • You can activate Instagram style stories, Facebook among many more options such as changing the background color of the stories, color of the board.
  • We have several home screen styles.
  • Customize the toast whether it is reflected on the top or bottom or in the center, we can modify when a person is online, change the color when it changes the color when a person uploads a story.
  • New main screen styles.
  • You can change the colors of the action bar, color of the contact text, hide the contact, hide the call button and disable the contact status.
  • It has very cool tick styles and bubble styles to apply right away, and you can change the color of the right bubble and the left bubble.
  • It has conversation styles, multiple options to select, change the color of the conversation entry, the color of the icons, the color of the entry text.
  • It has animation with 3D effects on the main screen and on the conversation screen.


➢Insta Tick
➢Clean Data
➢Voice Note
➢Text Bomb
➢All Admin / Dismiss
➢Infinite Forwarding
➢3D chat effect
➢3D Emoji effect
➢3D Home effect
➢3D Home Page effect
➢Voice Changer
➢Delta Bomb Text
➢Fancy Text
➢ Temporary Database
➢Mention / Anti-mention
➢Auto Answer
➢More Message Sender
➢Web Browser
➢Particle View (On-Off)
➢ Send document + 1 GB
➢Animate Row Effects
➢Animate Side Effects
➢Style Row On-Off View

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