WhatsApp ALkangre 5.60

WhatsApp ALkangre 5.60

WhatsApp ALkangre 2021 is the most famous version in the WhatsApp ALkangre 2021 series of publisher WhatsApp-ALkangre
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What is WhatsApp ALkangre?

It is one of the versions of WhatsApp Plus from the modification of Al-Khanjar (Abu Khanjar),   WhatsApp ALkangre,  WhatsApp Golden  , WhatsApp Omar,  WhatsApp Omar  , there may be no confidence in some users in downloading WhatsApp Plus, but this version has checked all the files inside it through Special programs, and the copy codes were checked through the anti-virus program, as well as WhatsApp messages are fully encrypted and cannot be decrypted and it is impossible to decrypt them except through the WhatsApp company, and the result was positive, as it is not harmful. My period for the latest version, Fahmy, a special version presented to fans of WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Gold, and it is always updated to the latest version and every two months an update is issued to WhatsApp.


  • Release date 27-07-2021
  •  Update WhatsApp base to
  • Add a message scheduler (One UI interface design)
  • Add Auto Reply (One UI design)
  • Adding all the squares now takes the color dark/light mode.
  • Activate the audio acceleration feature to 1×/×1.5/2×
  • Fix Redesign Lock Screen
  • Fix pattern lock screen redesign
  • Fix random crash when saving status
  • Fix delay messages on some phones
  • Fix media not downloading and connectivity issues in packages
  • Fixed call crash on some Android 11 devices
  • Further improvement of other translations 
  • More other fixes and improvements

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