TWhatsApp v15.1

TWhatsApp v15.1

TWhatsApp v15.1 is the most famous version in the TWhatsApp v15.1 series of publisher Tonin
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TWhatsApp v15.0

  • Base Updated to
  • NEW: Administrators indicator icon for Chats Groups(You can Enable/Disable)
  • NEW: Change Color for Administrators Indicator
  • NEW: Show your Name, Status and Number on the top of Home Screen (You can Enable/Disable)
  • EXCLUSIVE: Double Tap on Messages for React.

TWhatsApp v13

  • Base Updated to Universal.
  • ✅ IMPROVED: “Hide Mod Menu”, now you can hide the access on settings
  • ✅ NEW: Translator icon in conversation entry, you can translate your written messages
  • ✅ NEW: “Multi Accounts”, register more than one number/account in the same application (For more information enter to the discussion group)
  • ✅ NEW: Added Function to centralize your action bar design
  • ✅NEW: Added new “Evo” font styles
  • ☑️ RE-ADDED: Function to Hide Search Icon is back
  • ❎ REMOVED: For now, the group separator was removed due to a bug (it will be resolved as quickly as possible in order to incorporate it again)

TWhatsApp v12.2

  • • Separate group/chats in home screen (Chats Screen)

TWhatsApp v12.0

  • Base Updated to Universal.


  • ???? Crash when putting name


  • • Improved Anti-Ban.
  • • Now you can hide the Mod options menu that appears on the main screen
  • • Improved WhatsApp lock, you can not enter from notifications if it is enabled.
  • • New EMOJIS
  • • Percentage and time remaining at the time of sending and downloading files
  • • Group voice calls now support up to 32 participants, and an updated interface including social audio layout, speaker highlight, and waveforms

TWhatsApp v11.0F

  • ???? Crash when putting name
  • ???? Ballons in Dark Amolled version
  • ???? Can’t put wallpaper in the chats

TWhatsApp v11.0

  • Version: Beta Base
  • • Improved Anti-Ban.
  • • Change WhatsApp Language
  • • 15 Minutes Status
  • • Type of Brushs and Blur
  • • Change Status Palette Color
  • • Reactions
  • • 1 gb limit to attach
  • • Prior shipping time
  • • Elevating Profiles and show nicks rather than the number in groups
  • • Pause Audios while recording
  • • Listen audios outside the chat
  • • New Camera Layout

TWhatsApp v10.0

  • Base updated to v2.22.5.72 Final
  • A lot of Hidden features, i can’t write all( the main are remember audio position, audios outside,wave in audios, new contacts list, blur and type of brushs, reactions)
  • Many hidden features, I can’t write them all (the main ones are remembering the position of the audio, external audios, wave in the audios, list of new contacts, blur and brush type, reaction
  • Profile picture, last seen and about for all contacts except
  • Chat counters in conversations like iOS
  • Pause audios while recording
  • Compression off. Original quality videos and photos
  • Profile photo, last seen and about for all contacts except
  • Elevating Profiles
  • Chat counters in conversatition like iOS
  • Pause audios when recording
  • Compression off. Videos and photos in original quality


  • Full AntiBan
  • Icon ???? on deleted messages
  • Compression of videos off, media settings for images
  • Clean Caches of WhatsApp
  • Download View-Once and status
  • Avaliable in 3 languages (English, Spanish,Portuguese)
  • Option to show the profile photo for my contacts except to …
  • Version same stock and Dark Amoled
  • Can select the status text and messages
  • Toast Options
  • Share Group Photos
  • Privacy In Settings
  • DND Mode
  • Without limits
  • Password in Chats
  • Backup/Restore

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