Telegram Plus ob v1.60

Telegram Plus ob v1.60

Telegram Plus ob v1.60 is the most famous version in the Telegram Plus ob v1.60 series of publisher Omar Annabi
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Omar Annabi
Price: $0


Telegram plus Telegram Omar is an advanced and unofficial anti-ban version of Telegram that uses Telegram API and has been developed
Designed and developed by the owner of WhatsApp Omar Al Annabi as in WhatsApp Al Annabi and modified versions of WhatsApp in addition to the features of Telegram
The original one has other features because of these new features, many fans have found joining us to download Telegram Plus Omar.
The growing popularity of Telegram and the nature of open source as well as the problems it has faced in countries have led many developers to
The world is developing more advanced versions as in Telegram Plus Omar with different capabilities based on messaging programs, but a few have been approved
Unofficial versions by Google Play and App Store Telegram Plus Omar is one of the instant messengers that has managed
Working side by side with versions such as Telegram Plus Al Annabi and Telegram Plus Omar Al Annabi to achieve great popularity among users Telegram is one of the
The outstanding features of this program are its very high customizability using the advanced formatting tool of Telegram Plus Messenger
Plus Messenger You can change the color and size of many objects, graffiti, icons, titles, colors, etc. In this regard you can
Save templates created by sharing them or apply template created by other Telegram Plus Gold users
On the program Telegram Plus Omar Annabi.


With the help of Telegram Plus Omar, you can easily find out if a user’s profile picture is online or offline
Connect to the Internet, and you no longer need to go to the Contacts section to check this contact’s connection status as it sets
Your chats, channels and groups are in separate categories which reduces the hassle of finding and managing a conversation. You can install Telegram Plus Omar next to
The official version of Telegram without any problems and enjoy the great features You can hide your phone number from other users by going to
Application settings and implementation of the required actions You can always visit our site to receive new updates and download Telegram Plus Omar Al Annabi Telegram
Plus so do not forget this article in the site.


Update Telegram Base to v8.8.4.0.
Double limits on everything in the app
Increase download speed
Send files up to 4GB each
Convert voice messages to text
Advanced chat management
full screen animated stickers
Additional reactions
And more in Settings > Telegram Premium
Added an option to show an install button in the header of the home screen.
Added the option to show the last reaction instead of the heart in the main screen.
Added profile photo upload date.
Added option to download all recent stickers instead of just the last 20 stickers.
Added option to disable link preview.
Added option to hide time in stickers.
Added option to change avatar click action in chat.
Added an option to change the tap and hold action of an avatar in a chat.
Add cache size, database size, and free space for additional details.
Added translation option to recent action messages.
Show if the contact is mutual in the contact list (click on the title to hide / show).
Other improvements
Requests to join public groups
Chat preview with swipe and actions
Autosave media to gallery
Over 100 fixes and improvements

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