Telegram Gold v3.20

Telegram Gold v3.20

Telegram Gold v3.20 is the most famous version in the Telegram Gold v3.20 series of publisher Telegram Gold
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What’s new in version 3.20:

???? Update the base to the latest version 8.5.4 Play Store.
???? Video stickers, better interaction and more.
???? Convert any video into an easy to create video collage in webm format.
???? Interact with new emojis: love, appreciation, anger or surprise.
???? New animations for interactions icons. Place your finger on the interaction icon to enjoy the full animation.
???? Interactions appear with smaller kinetic effects.
???? Long press on any emoji in the interactions list to send the effects larger.
???? Press the ♡ button in conversations to go to your messages that got unread interactions.
???? Quickly return to any conversation by pressing and holding the “Back” button.
???? Add option to show or hide text blur format (Telegram Gold settings > Messages > Always show blurriness)
???? Add an option to disable the interaction animation. (Telegram Gold settings > Messages > Disable interaction effects)
???? Add an option to hide the interaction icons from the options menu. (Telegram Gold Settings > Messages)
???? Added an option to add a Telegram/Plus folder when using the “Save to…” option (Telegram Gold Settings > Mutual Media).
???? Added option to open Saved Messages by clicking on the floating button. (Golden Telegram Settings > Conversations > Pressing the circular button to open the saved messages)
???? Add an option to select double tap on message action, (Telegram Gold settings > Messages > Double tap action for message)
???? Add an option to change the action when dragging the message to the right or left, (Telegram Gold Settings > Messages)
???? Add option to show personal description without ‘more’ button. (Telegram Gold Settings > Profile > Hide the ‘More’ button in the description)
???? Add option to show full CV/information in profile.
???? Add an option to change the action of the “arrow next to the message” button in conversations. (Telegram Gold Settings > Messages > Change Direct Share Button Action)

???? Improvements related to the security and stability of the application.

???? Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Telegram Gold v2.95

  • ???? Add option to hide keyboard on scroll chat.
  • ???? Add an option to disable the automatic download of the next audio.
  • ???? Enable to change the speed of the music if the duration is less than 10 minutes.
  • ???? Added day of the week info for message scheduling.
  • ???? The application has been reduced in size to run faster.
  • ☑️ Other fixes and improvements.

Telegram Gold v1.40

  • ???? News Telegram Gold:
  • ???? Group video calls and live wallpapers
  • ⚡️ Turn on camera or share screen during voice chats in any group
  • ???? The application icon has been changed.
  • ???? Video chat with up to 30 people (more to come) simultaneously on any device
  • ???? Multicolored live wallpapers that change with each message
  • ???? Create custom animated wallpapers in chat settings
  • ⚡️ Dozens of wonderful live wallpapers in conversation settings> Change conversation background
  • ???? Watch stickers and emojis fly in conversations.

Telegram Gold v1.10

  • * Messages 2.0, optimize live websites, playlists and more
  • * Multiple messages in any conversation
  • * Show all installed messages on a separate page
  • * Receive notifications when users sharing your location
  • * Send multiple audio files as a playlist
  • * View detailed statistics on the performance of each individual post on your channels
  • * Press the brush button when previewing images to edit and forward them
  • * Trade more than one Telegram number
  • * Hide the connection status (last seen) while you can see the status of others
  • * Option to hide the number
  • * Secret chats
  • * many plus options.

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