WhatsApp Gold (SH-Mod) v9.60

WhatsApp Gold (SH-Mod) v9.60

WhatsApp Gold (SH-Mod) is the most famous version in the WhatsApp Gold (SH-Mod) series of publisher SweatGold
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The WhatsApp Gold Program has been developed and updated, which is a modified version of WhatsApp Gold from the official WhatsApp on the Google Play Store.
The golden WhatsApp application contains all the official WhatsApp features in addition to a lot of distinctive and beautiful additions that were added by the developer Abu Arab. One of the most important and most important of these features is privacy options, especially hiding the appearance, hiding the readers of reading, hiding the receipt, hiding watching the status, showing two plates Blue after the response, and also prevent the deletion of the message as no one can delete the message from you, and also prevent the display of images in the studio, and the program contains an option to change the form of the program icon, hide the conversations with secret symbol or fingerprint, lock the program, lock the conversations, show the long message Change the entire program line, changing the shape of chat bubbles, changing the shape of the receipt and transmission plate, changing the lower platform style, hiding the name of the person you sent, downloading themes, supports media download in Android 11, hide the last appearance, Android 10 interface, put a more stroke condition From half an hour, send files with high accuracy like pictures, return to the first message in the conversation, change the shape of the main interface, change the shape of the plate icon and more features that are not present in the official WhatsApp.


WhatsApp gold users can make a collective call consisting of 8 people at the same time and everyone can speak in one form where you can also add and remove people who are educated exclusively in WhatsApp Gold


Now you can find out the message that the person sent deleted exclusively using the golden WhatsApp and cannot know that you have never seen it.


You can now use the golden WhatsApp Abu Arab application, prevent the appearance of pictures, clips and audio files in the studio by entering a person’s conversation, then click on the profile, then display pictures and media in the studio


  • Hide writing.
  • Fully lock the app.
  • Hide blue plate after reply.
  • Free of the ban is 100% completely
  • Clearly encrypted
  • Free from harmful files
  • Hide receipt.
  • Hide reading plate.
  • Hide connected now.
  • Lock chats with secret, engraving and fingerprint chat

WhatsApp Gold (SH-Mod) v9.60

  • Update to the market version
  • Ban-free version
  • Add photo/video preview without saving to phone or gallery
  • Add repost of any status to your story / status!
  • Add quick translation in the sending box when sending any text
  • Add the backup now it will be created as a .ZIP file
  • Add an option to save the image / video when previewing
  • Added an option to enable or disable simultaneous translation
  • Added an option to hide the camera icon from the top bar on the home page
  • Activate the creation of polls and voting in groups!
  • Activate the option to return when deleting a message by mistake
  • Enable displaying the person’s status when clicking on the person’s picture on the home page
  • Activate the creation of your avatar
  • Activating the display of the person’s status when entering the person’s information
  • Activate the new look when opening the camera
  • Activation You can now send a sound when sending a status
  • Improved Now, when uninstalling WhatsApp, the backup file will remain
  • Improve the version against the ban completely
  • Improved Backup file is now moved to Storage/Documen
  • Fixed an error when sending the message on some phones
  • Fix some translations in some languages
  • Fixed some bugs in sending boxes
  • Fix the x sign at the flash sign while sending a photo or video
  • Further improvement against bans
  • Performance improvements
  • Fix some bugs I forgot what they are *_*
  • Other fixes
  • Thank you for choosing #Golden_WhatsApp 😍

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