NA TikTok Plugin v4

NA TikTok Plugin v4

NA TikTok Plugin v4 is the most famous version in the NA TikTok Plugin v4 series of publisher Nasser Al-Jaidi
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Nasser Al-Jaidi
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Welcome, dear visitors, to Nasser Al-Jaidi Technology and Informatics website. This is the official page for downloading and downloading all copies of Tik Tok Plus.
You can download from the links at the bottom of the article. All you have to do is choose the version you are using as shown below with the icons. Just click on the word download below on the icon of the version you are using and you will be taken to the page of the version you chose.


The NATikTok Plugin is a helper application that allows you to unblock TikTok from countries where TikTok is banned, and it is two versions, a copy installed with TikTok instead of the official and a copy installed with TikTok next to the official. You can also install the NATikTok Plugin with All copies of Tik Tok Plus, Nasser Al-Jaidi NATikTok Plus in one mobile, activate them and work at the same time, each separately.


✷ Regions details (Long press on the region option)
✷ Option to match the post area with the selected area. (Do not display posts that are not related to the selected region)
✷ Option to hide ads from trend list in discovery section
✷ Option to disable playing videos in behavior loop
✷ Option to hide live streams from timeline
✷ Option to hide post comment from everywhere
✷ Option to hide long posts (custom length) from timeline
✷ Possibility to change the download directory
✷Ability to create a keyword block list for captions (posts with specific words will not appear in the timeline)
✷ Remove video watermark and GIF watermark options
✷ Ability to override privacy settings for Duo and Stitch
✷ theme switcher for plugin
✷ New speeds added in playback speed option. (1.25 times, 1.5 times, 2.25 times, 2.5 times)
✷ Option to download videos without audio (mute videos will be saved with mute.mp4 prefix)
✷ Option to change font style (currently supports 4 new fonts + default)
✷ Option to change UI colors like main bottom background color
✷ Added possibility to reset plugin settings (Menu > Reset)
✷ Tap the app bar to move to the top of the options list
✷ Long press on options to see more information

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