NA Instagram v3.5

NA Instagram v3.5

NA Instagram v3.5 is the most famous version in the NA Instagram v3.5 series of publisher Nasser Al-Jaidi
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Nasser Al-Jaidi
Price: $0

It is in two versions, a copy that installs the official Instagram allowance and a copy to run a second account based on the latest version of Google Play and supports all Android devices in addition to features such as downloading photos and videos, uploading the story, opening the profile picture, copying comments and many other features.


✅ [Base Update] Instagram to
✅ [Added] All the new Instagram features
✅ [Added] Option to change stories style-circular-square (NA Settings >> Enhancement >> Change Stories Layout)
✅ [Improve] Story size increase feature
♻️ [Return] Changing fonts and adding iPhone fonts (NA Settings >> Miscellaneous >> Change Stories Layout)
🛠 [Fixed] The problem of stories appearing in square shape
🛠 [Fixed] the problem of crashing when opening the application
🛠 [Fixed] Download Rails button
✅ [Fixed] Several random crashes and crashes


◉- [Fix] The problem of a malicious app alert notification from Google Play
◉- [More] fixes and other improvements


◉- [Update Base]
◉- [Exclusive] Add (51) icons to the application (flags of Arab countries – club logos – girls’ icons and others)
◉- [Added] the feature to like stories
◉- [Add] Themes within the application, you can change the theme you like
◉- [Add] the option to translate within conversations by clicking on the word you want to translate and then more
◉- [Added] An option on the main screen to change between the main, followers and favorites (appears in famous accounts)
◉- [Improved] Download button inside chats
◉- [Fix] The problem of crashing when entering the application in versions of Android 12
◉- [Fix] The problem of crashing when changing the language
◉- [Fix] The crash problem when sending a message in Android 12
◉- [Fix] Dark mode problem when registering another account
◉- [Fix] The crash problem when entering comments in Android 12
◉- [Fix] The crash problem when downloading media in Android 12
◉- [Fix] All crash problems in Android 12
◉- [Fix] All crash problems
◉- [More] fixes and other improvements


◉- The ability to download photos and videos from within the applications and without any need to use external applications.
◉- Instagram allows you to download the story on your phone with ease from within the application with just a click of a button.
◉- The ability to enlarge the images, when you click long on the image, you will be able to enlarge and reduce it as you want.
◉- The ability to open thumbnails, as this feature is not possible in the original version of the application.
◉- Instagram allows you to copy the bio by simply clicking and holding the bio of any profile that will appear to you.
◉- Supports the Arabic language, where you will find that all the menus and phrases in the golden application are in the correct Arabic language.
◉- The ability to copy comments with ease by clicking on any comment and then clicking on the copy option.
◉- Free from annoying ads that anger users, it is a non-profit application at all.
◉- Opening a profile picture for anyone.
◉- Find out who is following you on Instagram.
◉- Disable ads within the Instagram app.
◉- Remove posts you liked.
◉- Automatic video playback.
◉- Browser within the application.
◉- Send high quality photos.
◉- Download the statuses of your friends or Instagram stories.
◉- Hide writing and hide that you have read the message.
◉- Hide stories display.
◉- Download the story for the music.


The way to download photos and videos from NAstagram has become very easy in this update. All you have to do is open NAstagram and then search for the photo or video that you want to download. You will notice that there is a download button in the form of a down arrow (↧) under the photos or videos, click on it and directly and it will The application downloads images and saves them to the Instagram or NAstagram folder.

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