Moroccan WhatsApp 25

Moroccan WhatsApp 25

Moroccan WhatsApp Latest 2021 is the most famous version in the Moroccan WhatsApp Latest 2021 series of publisher Moroccan WhatsApp
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Additional Information

Moroccan WhatsApp
4.1 and up
Android Android 4.1 and up Whatsapp Mods
Varies with device
May 14, 2021
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*🌹 New update for WhatsApp Moroccan 🌹*
Version *: Twenty-fifth *
Update Date *:* *2021/8/27*
Copy Expiry Date *: 10/12/2021 *

*🎉 What’s New in This Update:🎉*

1/ Adding the feature of listening to voice messages at different speeds x1, x1.5, x2.
2/ Adding the media sending feature and displaying it only once, and then it disappears completely from the recipient.
3 / Add an option to change the location of the archived conversations up or down (add-ons, then the main screen, then the lines).
4/ Add a new option in the Add-ons section to delete WhatsApp remnants to increase the speed and performance of WhatsApp.
5 / Fixed a delay in sending and receiving messages.
6- Fix the problem of not adding stickers to WhatsApp.
7/ Show WhatsApp icons in all versions.
8/ Other fixes and improvements.

⚫️ Among the features that are also present: ⚫️*

🔵 *Islamic additions* *(* The entire Holy Qur’an – Fortress of the Muslim – Forty Nawawi – Morning and Evening Remembrances *(audio and reading)* And Remembrances for sleeping and waking up from sleep – Stories of the Prophets – Times of prayers *).*

🔵 *Privacy* *(Hide both:*
Appear – True to read and receive – Writing – Hide your view of your friends’ status – Prevent deleting the message if someone tries to retrieve it from you *).*

🔵 *Additions* *(* Add Arabic satellite channels – Add automatic reply to messages when you are busy or sleeping – Medical Oasis includes diseases and treatment methods – Human development – Eve Oasis (cooking _ beauty) – Adam Oasis (bodybuilding *).*

🔵 * Plus * * (* The ability to send group messages to groups – The ability to download video cases and photos of your friends and copy written cases – Lock WhatsApp with a secret number without programs – Watch the appearance of others without the need to open the chat page – A counter to count the number of each member’s participation in the groups – The possibility of Hide any conversation from the main screen to move it to the secret screen *).*

*😊 Please share this message in WhatsApp groups and among your friends 😊*

Moroccan WhatsApp V24

  1. Extension of the validity of WhatsApp.
  2. Fix themes that stop working.

What distinguishes Moroccan WhatsApp from the rest of the existing versions of WhatsApp?

1 / Safety: Moroccan WhatsApp is 100% safe, which has increased people’s confidence in him and their use of the application with confidence
And complete reassurance.
2 / Adding privacy: Magrabi and WhatsApp contains the Plus feature that the application is characterized by, such as saving photo cases
And the visual for friends and not to show that you saw the situation and the inability of others to delete the message you have if he wanted to delete it
From your phone, hide and freeze appearing, hide the book and the recording is in progress, hide the fact that you listened to the clip, and hide it
Correct the receipt and viewing and the jealousy of many many many.
3 / Various additions: The developer of WhatsApp Al-Ostoura has added many things to WhatsApp, including the Holy Quran
And the noble hadith and prayer times as well as adding the Hawa oasis, which is specialized in the beauty and cuisine of women, and the oasis of Adam,
It specializes in bodybuilding and has also added the human development department and the most important programs section in the phone
4 / The balance of appearance: Moroccan WhatsApp is one of the best versions of WhatsApp in the world in terms of attractiveness and appearance
Contains attractive colors and backgrounds that are consistent with each other and with distinctive colors that are comfortable for the eyes and soothing.
5 / Free of charge: Moroccan WhatsApp is free since he launched WhatsApp.
6 / Easy to update and download: It does not need an email or Google Play Store account to download or update.

How many copies are available from Moroccan WhatsApp?

There is one copy of Magrabi WhatsApp, which is the dark red version (Deer Blood), and I have had a copy of Magrabi WhatsApp
Large-scale downloads in Morocco and most Arab countries because of their unique and exclusive features.

Is Morocco WhatsApp safe for our phones and privacy?
This is considered the most important feature of Moroccan WhatsApp and it is 100% safe, as the developer examined the latest applications
The software is pre-published in order to ensure the safety of the user.

Why do we use Moroccan WhatsApp specifically?

1 / Safety, which is the unique feature in Magrabi WhatsApp, other than copies of WhatsApp.
2 / Continuous development of the application and adding new features in each update.
3 / Easy and up-to-date suppository from their official website.

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