MGWhatsApp Gold 9.50

MGWhatsApp Gold 9.50

MGWhatsApp Gold Latest 2021 is the most famous version in the MGWhatsApp Gold Latest 2021 series of publisher Abo3rab
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???? # Update ????
???? #MGWhatsApp
???? #Base: V9.50
???? 07/22/2021

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???? Support A lot of old and weak devices …
???? Fixed All issues from the previous update
???? Extension The duration of the copy is 4 months.
???? Add Open more than one WhatsApp account easily, like Telegram.
???? Added The function to change the font color and background of a notification (view its status / change its profile picture).
???? Added WhatsApp Effects Feature, Chat Scroll and Home Screen Effects.
???? Added The function to change the duration and location of a notification (view its status / change its profile picture) either above, in the middle or at the bottom of the screen.
???? Added A unique function to change the status background color, change the status font color, and add new status fonts and status-ready styles.
???? Added Customize automatic media download for each chat.
???? Added New options to download statuses (copy text on the image, share, etc …).
???? Added Change voice in WhatsApp to change voice (conversation screen options by clicking the three dots in the corner of the screen and then changing the voice).
???? Added An option to hide privacy terms notification (Additions> Settings> Hide privacy message). You can hide it without accepting.
???? Add Copy part of the text by selecting the desired message, then the options and then copying part of the text.
???? Add Advanced Search {You can search by test search (image, gif, video, document, links, audio clip)}.
???? Solution Loading media on Android 11.
???? Fixed All problems, God willing.

Update WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab latest version 9.30 Download WhatsApp Gold against the ban with awesome features..

Important note for everyone: Do not delete the previous version 9.25 only. All you have to do is download the new update 9.30 and install it over the previous version.
Updated and published on: 5/18/2021
What’s new in WhatsApp Gold version V9.30
*Update WhatsApp base to
*Added new options to download statuses (copy caption, share etc….)
* Add the addition of the quick translation feature within the conversation
*Add Themes Store Dark / Light mode automatically
* Add an option to hide the privacy terms notification (More Settings > Settings > Hide Privacy Message). You can hide it without accepting.
*Add subtitles to voice changer options
*Move and fix Copy Caption from long press to download options
*Fix fixed contact name not showing clearly in caption
* Fixed background themes that do not apply to some phones
*Fix hard full backup not working on Android 11+
*Fix improvement of other translations
*More other fixes and improvements


* Possibility to auto reply to all contacts
* Add scheduled messages to be sent at any time you want
* Add a notification feature who viewed your status
* Add a notification feature for those who changed the profile picture from the golden settings
* Possibility to change Facebook to Facebook or Twitter.
* Convert long videos into clips of the allowed length easily on the status / story.
* The ability to send 100 images at once, the option to send images with high accuracy.
* The ability to send a message to a number that is not saved on your phone.
*And many other features that you can discover on your own.
* Supports all Android devices.
* In addition to the modern design and more advantages.
* Use the fingerprint to lock any conversation, as well as WhatsApp in general.
* Download status story anyone
* Hide the last seen and the blue correct, and hide that you have seen the status of any person, and all privacy options.
* Theme store contains more than 2400.

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