LkWhatsApp Lite v23.0

LkWhatsApp Lite v23.0

LkWhatsApp Lite v23.0 is the most famous version in the LkWhatsApp Lite v23.0 series of publisher LkWhatsApp
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LkWhatsApp Lite 23.0


LkWhatsApp Lite 22.1


LkWhatsApp Lite 21.3


LkWhatsApp Lite 20.00

Added: An option to clear cache for Android 11+
Re-added: Mods within WhatsApp settings;
Re-added: Customization Options:
⚡️ Change font style;
⚡️ Disable hidden chats;
⚡️ Show your name on the home screen;
⚡️ Remove “
⚡️ Make text selectable;
⚡️ Center action bar;
⚡️ Hide muted, recent, and viewed statuses;
⚡️ And more…
❌ Some options have been removed;
⚒️ Fixed: Play Services bug;
⚒️ Fixed: Calls privacy
✨ More improvements and fixes.

LkWhatsApp Lite 19.00

Base: (Thx Joestar)

New: Menu privacy like GB;
New: A new package (com.lkwhatsapp);
New: An option to choose any color in the background of the text statuses;
New: An option to choose any color in the letters of the text statuses;
New: Security settings are separate from privacy settings;
Fix: Privacy didn’t work;
And more improvements and fixes…

It is a Beta version, the customization options have not been activated. Report bugs to the support group.

LkWhatsApp Lite 18.00

LKWhatsApp Features
✓ Hidden features enabled;
✓ New fonts were added;
✓ Added: option to hide conversation separation lines;
✓ Added: Bomb button;
✓ Added: Option to hide bomb button;
✓ Added: Option to center the action bar;
✓ Added: Option to hide the voice call icon;
✓ Added: Option to hide the video call icon;
✓ Added: Option to hide media from gallery.
⚙️ Fixed: backup and restore error on Android 11;
⚙️ Fixed: Failed to enable hide second tick and hide blue mic (Thanks: Joestar);
❌ Some options have been removed;
⚡️ More improvements and fixes.

LkWhatsApp Lite 17.00

✓ The menu has been redesigned;
✓ Hidden features enabled;
✓ Option to hide status (seen, muted and recent);
✓ Option to send more than 30 images;
✓ Option to speed up audios;
⚙️ Fixed: fonts not applied;
⚙️ Fixed: backup and restore error;
⚙️ Fixed: message to an unsaved number did not work;
❌ Removed: Option to always stay online;
⚡️ More improvements and fixes.

LkWhatsApp Lite 14.00

✅Base updated to:
✅A new style was added for “New Chat” option.
✅ Added an option to clear recent emojis.
✅Removed the color palette in the states.
✅Removed the web browser.
✅ Removed quick contact styles.
✅The application has even more stock.

LkWhatsApp Lite 12.00

– Option “Temporary messages”
– Option “Custom wallpapers”
– Pump button
– Color palette in the state
– Anti expiration
– Fixed privacy not working
– Fixed fonts not working
– Removed the Block option
– Against the ban
– SMS correction
– Direct chat
– All Privacy
– Security settings (Lock)
– Media size and quality settings
– Clear cache
– App font style
– Backup and restore
– Airplane mode (DND)
– Establish unlimited chats
– And more…

LkWhatsApp Lite 9.00

✅ Anti expiration (6 months).
✅ Full support in Spanish
✅ The deprivations that did not work were eliminated.
✅ The media options that did not work have been removed.
✅ Fixed bug in media quality option for states.
✅ Unnecessary files have been deleted.
✅ Fixed “Crash” when restoring backup.
✅ Other fixes were made.

LkWhatsApp Lite 8.00

• [Added] Option to lock your WhatsApp with a password: (DM / Universal / DMS security settings)
• [Added] Create video chat rooms (zoom style).
• [Added] Luxury text (Text decorator).
• [ Added] Set more than 3 chats.
• [Added] Airplane Mode (DND Mode).
• [Added] Rain Effect.
• [Added] Backup (Titanium Backup Style).
• [Added] Cache Cleaner ( WhatsApp bsura files)
• [Added] Boom Text Button (Text Bomber).
• [Fixed] Option to disable the Boom Text button.
• [Added] Button to restart WhatsApp.
• [Added] Send message to a number without having it
• [Added] Translated to new languages ​​(Portuguese, Arabic).
• [Added] New Design. • [Added] New Icons.
• [Added] New Sounds.
• [Added] Download Status (Photos, Videos, Text ).

  • • [Privacy] Hide writing ...
  • • [Privacy] Hide recording ....
  • • [Privacy] Hide blue microphone.
  • • [Privacy] Freeze last time (pause the date and time of your last connection).
  • • [Privacy] Disable "forwarded" tag.
  • • [Privacy] Blue Ticks after replying to a message.
  • • [Privacy] Anti-Delete messages (prevents messages and status from disappearing when they are deleted by other people).
  • • [Privacy] Hide seen.
  • • [Privacy] Hide seen in statuses.

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