KMWhatsApp v2

KMWhatsApp v2

KMWhatsApp v2 is the most famous version in the KMWhatsApp v2 series of publisher KMWhatsApp
NulledAndroid Installer v1.0

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NulledAndroid Installer v1.0

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NulledAndroid Installer v1.0

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???? Update WhatsApp base to
???? Add the complete stories of the prophets
???? Add a new WhatsApp interface
???? Add the Holy Quran in a new way
???? Add an XO game
???? Add the color game
???? Increase the number of status characters to 3200 characters
???? A new look when recording an audio clip
???? Add new icons in WhatsApp
???? Add a complete virus protection section
???? Add a media masking section from the gallery
???? New look for contact information
???? Adding exclusively the option to save the media when activating the option of not saving in the studio
???? Add an option to hide the download status button from Ahmed additions > Privacy
???? Enable other options to hide messages (24 hours, 7 days, 90 days)
???? Adds option to view sent messages in groups
???? Adds an option to choose between Instant Translation and Google Translate
???? Add a message counter on the page to see all the messages sent by a specific person
???? Add option to clean all useless files
???? Fixed the problem of copying the explanation of the images in the cases
???? Fix backup problem taking up a lot of space
???? Fix opening chat via widget when chat is locked
???? Fix call by phone option sometimes shows a different number
???? Fixed crash issue after update on some devices
???? Fix issue of fab within conversations not taking theme color
???? Fixed audio recording issue on some input styles
???? Fixed crash issue in translate function sometimes
???? Fix the function of seeing all messages sent by a specific person in groups
????Improved translation for some options within the app
???? More fixes and improvements

What’s new in antivirus plugins?

???? Adds option to cut virus in documents
???? Add option to cut virus on photos
???? Add the option to cut the virus in the links
???? Add option to hack bot virus

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