Instander 14.1 Instagram Mod + Clone Instagram Mod

Instander 14.1 Instagram Mod + Clone Instagram Mod

Instander Instagram Mod + Clone Instagram Mod 13.0 Latest 2021 is the most famous version in the Instander Instagram Mod + Clone Instagram Mod 13.0 Latest 2021 series of publisher Instander
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NulledAndroid Installer v1.0

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Additional Information

4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Instagram Mods
Varies with device
June 8, 2021
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Price: $0


Instander ver. 14.1

  • — Fixed action buttons with comments;
  • — Fixed application crash due to notifications;
  • — Fixed crash on entering Direct;
  • — Fixed when switching to the first photo in profile;
  • — Fixed pin icon in comments.

Instander ver. 14.0 + clone

  • Rebase to Instagram;
  • Added animation splash screen for Android 12;
  • Added menu with Instander Team;
  • Fixed the display of ads;
  • Fixed errors in subscription and likes;
  • Fixed adding Reels and IGTV to your Stories;
  • Fixed Photos in max quality;
  • Fixed action buttons in comments;
  • Fixed Download button in your Stories;

Instander ver. 13.1 + clone

— Fixed watching live broadcasts;
— Increased number of characters to copy (up to 5000)
— Rebase to Instagram;
— Remade of copying and translation of comments (Misс/Additional menu for comment);
— Remade of “Stories Improve”;
— Removed Unmutual followers (Due to changes in Instagram API no longer works);
— Added “Video scrubber” in settings;
— Added PayPal to Donation Menu;
— Added Tinkoff to Donation Menu;
— Optimizations Instander code;
— Fixed many crashes.

Instander ver. 13.0 + clone

— Rebase to Instagram;
— Remade of copying and translation of comments (Misс/Additional menu for comment);
— Remade of “Stories Improve”;
— Removed Unmutual followers (Due to changes in Instagram API no longer works);
— Added “Video scrubber” in settings;
— Added PayPal to Donation Menu;
— Added Tinkoff to Donation Menu;
— Optimizations Instander code;
— Fixed many crashes.

You can now share videos, photos, and entertaining or fun moments with the friends you love Instander brings you closer to the people and the things which you love. It makes a contact with friends, share videos and photos of what you’re doing or you’re up to, or see what’s new from others all over the worldwide. Explore your social community and environment where you can feel free to be one of yourself and share everything from your daily moments to beautiful life’s highlights.

Instander ver. 12.1 + clone

— Fixed downloading media on some devices;
— Changed the default download path to /Pictures/Instander;
— Added Ethereum to donate;
— Added OTA сhangelog on Russian (Available from Instander 12.1 and higher).

Instander ver. 12.0 + clone

— Rebase to Instagram;
— Remade Improve Photo quality (;
— Added Download IGTV;
— Added Social Networks Menu (Official page Instander on Telegram, Instagram and Subreddit);
— Removed Splunk MINT Crashlytics;
— Fixed last font: ad, ag, ah & etc symbols;
— Fixed non-coloring when changing theme or on global black theme (MIUI, FlymeOS and similar)
— Fixed Threads on profile;
— Fixed Pronounce on profile;
— Fixed application crash when trying to complain.

Instander ver. 11.2 + clone

— Fixed crash Instander Settings on many device;
— Added Fullscreen stories.

Instander ver. 11.1 + clone

— Re-added “Unmutual Followers”;
— Fixed Modern font (Cyrillic: Д, Л, Ё);
— Remade StoryQuality;
— Remade IGTVQuality;
— Disabled information about Covid-19;
— Removed the info button in “Unmutual Followers”;
— Added small easter egg;
— Many fixes and optimizations.

Instander ver. 11.0 + clone

—  Rebase to Instagram;
—  Added activation “Instander Reels”;
—  Added new font (last on the list);
—  Added “Translation of comments”;
—  Removed Unmutual Followers. (Due to the large limitation of accounts. I don’t want to take responsibility for this);
—  Removed “Fullscreen Stories”;
—  Removed “Don’t crop Stories”;
—  Fixed install on Android 5.1;
—  Many fixes and optimizations.

Instander ver. 10.0 + clone

— Rebase to Instagram;
— Added Unmutual Followers. Launch by long pressing on the activity tab. After the first launch, read the information from the tooltip in the upper right corner;
— Added “Hide view Live Stream”;
— Added “Stories autoplay with sound”;
— Added Monobank to donation menu;
— Removed Privat24 in donation menu (Card will be deactivated. Donations will not be accepted);
— Removed PayPal in donation menu (It has been blocked. Donations will not be accepted);
— Redesign Instander Menu (It was transfer from 9.2-XE (;
— Fixed Instagram bug with black (transparent) display of some icons;
— Fixed Instagram bug with incorrect markup of some elements;
— Many fixes and optimizations

Instander ver. 9.2 + clone

— Indicator FollowsYou;
— Set path to downoad folder;
— Rework improving photo quality;
— Refinement of the quality of stories;
— Redesign of the verification menu;
— Redesign of the acknowledgement menu;
— Forced portrait orientation of Instander settings;
— Fixed photo quality;
— Optimization and code cleaning.

Instander ver. 9.1 + clone

— Rebase to Instagram;
— New design;
— New design Instander Settings;
— Added “Don’t crop Stories”;
— Added “Full-screen Stories”;
— Added save self-destruct photo;
— Added save photo in Direct;
— Added download Reels;
— Added selectable bio;
— Remove copy bio on tap;
— Fixed listening to voice;
— Fixed selfie-stickers;
— Fixed posting video ;
— Fixed high CPU & fast battery usage;
— Fixed share QR-Code;
— White navigation bar on splash.

Instander ver. 9.0 + clone

— Added zoom photos on long tap;
— Fixed high CPU & fast battery usage;
— Fixed crash MIUI;
— Fixed translations;
— Clone version fixed notifications.
— Biography copy added in one long tap;
— Added copy comments;
— Added the copy post description;
— Fixed all skins;
— Checking the new version of OTA;
— Fixed high CPU and fast battery usage;
— Fixed crash when listening to voicemail before sending;
— Fixed crashes if you upload videos in the feed;
— “Checking for updates …” instead of “Loading …” when starting the application.

The Instander APK is a modied version of the Official Instagram application. It provides you with tons of features that aren’t available on the original app but would denitely make your experience worthwhile. Due to many complaints on the limiting features found on Instagram, many app developers have tried to come up with Mods that could outdo the original platform leading to thousands of third-party applications that serve as excellent Instagram substitutes.


  • * Instanter Reels feature is a new way to create and share short making of videos on Instander. You can discover, watch, like, comment, and interact with all Reels videos in a dedicated space in Explore for free. Watch & create fun short videos on Instander Reels
  • * Use special camera filters to bring your video to live, life including background music, face filters, & stickers.
  • * Upload your creative video clips and get discovered on Explore.
  • * Explore millions of videos.
  • * Watch & share any Instander Reels video with your friends Add photos and videos to your story.
  • * Bring your INSTANDER Story to life with entertaining & creative tools like face filters, emojis, Boomerang, and stickers.
  • * Broadcast & watch live videos without needing to post on your feed.
  • * Choose close friends who can watch your video clips or make them public.
  • * Video posts disappear after 24 hours Message your friends in Direct.
  • * Start fun communication about what you see on Feed and Stories.
  • * Share memes privately with your friends and have conversations.
  • * Learn about what’s trending from your favorite accounts and send them to friends.
  • * Receive notifications when you receive a chat message Post photos and videos to your INSTANDER Feed.
  • * Upload photos from your phone gallery or take pictures straight from your camera and share them with your followers.
  • * Show what you want on your profile.
  • * Post short videos or photo updates from your special moments in your life.
  • * Receive notifications when someone likes or comments on your post Learn More About Your Interests.
  • * Follow your favorite bands, celebrities, actors, athletes, and singers for live updates.
  • * Watch skits, movie scenes, news updates, music performances, sports highlights, and more from your favorite pages.
  • * Check out IGTV for longer videos from your favorite INSTANDER creators.
  • * Get inspired by photos and videos from new accounts in Explore.
  • * Discover brands and small businesses, and shop products that are relevant to your personal style.

Download Insta photos and videos

The Instander comes with an added downloader 2.0 that allows you to instantly download any media in just
one tap on your Android device. Using the original version of Instagram could be convenient for you, but
when it nally gets to downloading media les such as videos and pictures, you would need to download a
spare media downloader that’s not only compatible with your device, but with Instagram as well.
Sometimes, these downloaders carry with them malware and viruses that can possibly harm your Android
smartphone in many different ways. As such, getting this Instamod APK allows you to save on space that
would’ve otherwise been used by the downloader and easily download media les without having to switch
between apps.

Hide view stories

Sometimes all we need is a little privacy as we may be trying to avoid conversations on social media.
However, whenever you view someone’s story, your incognito mode is uncovered as the owner of the story
would be notied; thus, letting them know you’re available for a chat when clearly, you’re not interested.
Eventually, they end up in your DMs and you’ll be having a conversation that you once tried to avoid.
However, the Instander APK is a modies version of Instagram that allows you to turn off your presence on
people’s stories. This setting allows you to view people’s stories without the app notifying them that you did
allow you to get away with it every time.

Hide direct read messages

There comes a time when we receive a DM and once we open it, we lack the right words to answer back
and this leaves us at a dilemma because the sender leady knows that we opened his text and expects a
reply. It’s times like these that we wish we didn’t open the message or the sender didn’t know that we
opened it in the rst place because maybe we’re just not in the mood.
Luckily, the Instander APK is an application designed to handle such dilemmas because you can prevent the
sender from knowing that you read their message. The sender would only know that you have indeed read it
once you reply at your own time and pace.
Increase stories quality
With this option, you can improve the quality of uploading stories up to 10Mbps. This means that you
wouldn’t have to wait for long just for a story to load on your screen because once you tap on it, it would
automatically start playing.

Instagram verication

Ever heard of an Instagram verication? It is a check that appears next to your account name in search and
on your prole and means that Instagram has conrmed that the account is the authentic presence of a
public gure, global bran or even celebrity. People with this verication badge have a lot of followers and
inuence on the platform and with the Instander APK, you can too.
To get veried on the app, all you have to do is donate to the developer in any way you nd convenient for
you. It only takes a small amount of about 2 USD to get veries and a check will be attached to your
username. Once you change the name, the mark would disappear.

Disable analytics

If you’re using a business account, you can always choose to disable analytics for the account This means
that publication statistics and insights would not work.

Disable Video Autoplay

If you’re using a data plan, it can be costly whenever a video automatically plays on your feed without your
intention. At times you may not even be paying attention to your phone and because you left it online, the
video continues playing until nally, your data plan is exhausted.
Using the Instander APK, you can disable video autoplay and save a lot of data in the process. It also allows
you to save trac on your feed.

No advertisements
The Instander APK allows you to disable ads and get the best out of Instagram without any interruptions.
This no ad experience saves you time and data that would’ve otherwise been used to play the video.
Disable stories autoplay
To get the most out of your data plan, you can disable stories autoplay which tends to be one of the biggest
data drainers on Instagram. In the experimental settings, you can nd the option of disabling stories
autoplay allowing you to view the story of your choice manually.

Set path to download

Usually, whenever you download anything on Instagram using a video downloader, it is automatically stored
onto your phone’s storage. However, with the Instander APK, you have the option of setting your own path to
download. This lets you dictate where your downloads would be stored on your Android device.

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