Hotgram 1.8.9

Hotgram 1.8.9

Telegram is the most famous version in the Telegram series of publisher Hotgram
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NulledAndroid Installer v1.0

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Hotgram – Hotgram is one of the unofficial versions of Telegram that, like the original Telegram, uses the public and free Telegram api and connects directly to the main Telegram server. Especially after the restrictions imposed by the government on access to Telegram, it’s few unofficial versions, namely Hotgram, Golden Telegram, and the original Monogram.These days, it is one of the most downloaded unofficial versions of Telegram, which has become popular among Iranian users, and the number of market downloads of this application shows that in a short period of time, it has been able to surpass even many domestic media messages with facilities of several billion Tomans. The main hologram, which, unlike other unofficial versions of Telegram, has very interesting features and is not enough to simply change the appearance of Telegram. Not only is hologram no less unique than other unofficial versions, but it is also unique in its hot features.


  • Categorize messages into separate tabs: groups, supergroups, channels, bots, and contacts
  • Ability to view the most popular Telegram posts by day and week
  • Search among all Telegram channels without subscribing to all channels
  • Add drag message to reply to it
  • Select whether or not to display the sender name when forwarding
  • Ability to change the background of each chat
  • Ability to bookmark chats
  • Ability to preview the sticker before sending it
  • Ability to send a message or forward a message to several users or channels and groups at once
  • Ability to lock and hide chats, channels and groups in which you are a member
  • Ability to change the order of display of chats
  • Advanced category
  • Change the color and theme of the Telegram template as well as create and send the theme to others
  • Remove annoying ads
  •  Improved connection performance
  •  Increase connection speed and ping
  •  Fixed bugs reported in previous versions
  •  Improve the overall performance of the software
  •  Added new features in line with the latest version of the original Telegram

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