HAWhatsApp v15

HAWhatsApp v15

HAWhatsApp v15 is the most famous version in the HAWhatsApp v15 series of publisher hamoodyalqubaty
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HAWhatsApp v15

???? Add a qraa like ۂۣۙ
???? Add the game xo.
???? Add the note
???? Add a link to your number
???? Add text decoration
???? Add repeated texts
???? [Added] The option to save the media when the option of not saving in the study is activated.
???? [Added] Message scrolling effects up and down within the conversation.
???? [Added] New format for contact information.
???? [Added] a new way when recording an audio clip.
???? [Added] Option to choose between instant translation and Google Translate (Additions > Conversation screen).
???? [Added] Message counter on the page to see all messages sent by a specific person.
???? [Added] Increase the number of news characters to 700 and the case to 3200 characters.
???? [Added] The option to show the image or video when sending it once.
???? [Improved] Change WhatsApp color to distinctive official color as desired by Al-Kasir WhatsApp users.
???? [Fix] Change WhatsApp effects.
???? [Fixed] Backup issue took up too much space.
???? [Fix] Open chat via widget when chat is locked.
???? [Fixed] Floating button not disappearing.
???? [Fix] The option to call by phone sometimes appears as a number that is not.
???? [Fixed] The line between conversations.
???? [Fix] Read more message text.
???? [Fix] Change name color on status and call screen.
???? [Fix] The connection icon does not appear on the white screen.
???? [Fixed] All problems, God willing.

HAWhatsApp v10

???? Automatic reply added
???? Chat editing feature added
???? The scheduled message has been added
???? Decoration of lines added (privacy – more additions by Hamoudi Al-Qubati)
????Game has been added
???? Text repeater added
A note has been added
???? Not from any virus
???? iConnect mat
???? Mating reproduction
???? Mating of the new virus (map)
???? Matting of number viruses
???? Matting of virus notifications
???? Play map virus
???? No need to chat
????All privacy features
???? Provide status from 30 seconds to 10 minutes
????Thematic shop

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