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GBWhatsApp Pro v20.10

  • Improved Anti-ban more than before
  • Enabled edit messages
  • Misc Other fixes and improvements

App Name GBWhatsApp Pro
Publisher GBWhatsApp
Size 57MB
Latest Version v20.10
MOD Info Extra Feature
Cost Free
Operating System Android / 4.5+ and up
Language Multi-Language Support
Licence Freeware
Root Required Not Root Required
Compatibility Variant with device
Installs 100,000,000+
Rating 4.5+

4.3 161,980,426 total

Download (57MB)

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GB WhatsApp is considered an alternative platform for WhatsApp in the future. To be able to do so, this must be a utility software and bring users convenience when experiencing. Use this application like the social networking software available in the market, and it even gives you a remarkable experience. Users are allowed to use the application to operate and send messages to people. Use it as a unique network workspace and avoid future hassles.

Download GB WhatsApp Green, solve crash problems, the latest version of GB WhatsApp. gb whatsapp is the latest and best version of the GBWhatsApp version against the ban, a new update for WhatsApp Gb Pro, characterized by many great and exclusive features such as: The priority to download stickers immediately from the Google Play Store, the GB WhatsApp program is one of the best modified versions of WhatsApp, and it outperforms the Lots of other versions because they add many wonderful features to the user and make the WhatsApp application more user-friendly.


We make sure that any user who uses GB WhatsApp is assured of their information as well as the safety of their device. This application will bring more users than the previous version. To own a separate social networking application, this will be the application you should not ignore because it has conversion features and ensures essential privacy for users. No one will be able to see your information when you have set the security to be safe.


Many users have been experiencing GB WhatsApp and consider it a unique social network that needs to be experienced immediately. It brings many conveniences to users, and one of them is the ability to hide elements that can cause you trouble. If you are a closed person and do not want anyone to disturb you or know you are active on social networks, this is the application you should not ignore. When you use the hidden view feature, the other person will not know if you have seen the message or not.

That can avoid unnecessary troubles with characters that annoy you. In addition, when you accidentally click read messages, they can also be hidden immediately so that the other party does not know you have read them. With this application, you can also turn off message notifications or hide unnecessary contacts for work or life. Not only that, with this divine application, you can hide sent messages as well.


With GB WhatsApp, you can use it to create contacts for many people and give them a unique name. It is applied as soon as you do not save the username in the contacts. In particular, this feature is often used for group dialog boxes, giving separate names to groups to identify them when receiving/sending messages clearly. With a maximum of 35 characters for a group name, that’s too much for you to recognize messages. Along with this app, users can recognize and send unique statuses.


You can consider this a basic messaging tool and can use it to share your interesting moments. Or let people know your status through posted videos or photos. In addition, you can use it to broadcast live sessions and send invitations to multiple people. Use this feature like opening a large meeting or just letting people know what you’re up to now.


Start lots of exciting conversations in GB WhatsApp, and it’s also a fun space for you to make different friends. But when there are too many messages sent in, and you can’t distinguish which messages are important and urgent. We’ve got us to help you; this app will distinguish for you whether spam messages are delivered in bulk or it’s normal.


1- Hide last seen in advance
2- Hide the reading and receiving health
3- Show the two receipts only when replying
4- You can download the stickers immediately from the Google Play Store
5- Add more new fonts on the new version
6- Add modern and colorful icons for the program
7- The possibility of installing 30 conversations on the main page instead of 25
8- Adding a confirmation window to communicate with someone from within the groups
9- Hide the name and date when copying more than two messages
10- Increasing the duration of the case to at least seven minutes
11- Unlimitedly modify the colors and fonts of the application
12- Search for gifs and send them
13- Many advantages and features that enable you to modify the application and benefit from it as you wish
14- Fix the problem of forced suspension: I have to choose more than one person in the list of automatic reply and scheduled correspondence
15- Fix the language conversion option in Android 8 Oreo and above
16- Other fixes in WhatsApp gp


After you finish downloading the GBWhatsapp application, do not delete the previous application completely when downloading the installation, if your number is temporarily blocked, make a backup of the WhatsApp settings and then delete the application and install the new version, all links work without any problems and the latest version of the application is updated GB WhatsApp Pro, GB WhatsApp, green, to run a second number, download GB WhatsApp rich, download gbwhatsapp 2023, GB WhatsApp 3 Ads, download WhatsApp 2019 permanently, now download copies of the latest version of GB WhatsApp With direct links.


  • Basic messaging app.
  • Customize privacy settings.
  • Information security is guaranteed.
  • Eliminate spam messages.
  • Distinguish and hide unnecessary messages.


  • You can operate three numbers on the same phone and more
  • Sharing location is allowed with just one click
  • Update version is safe and against ban
  • You can add WhatsApp stickers through our brand apps
  • Add new fonts that you can use
  • Add new colorful icons
  • You can pin 30 conversations to the home screen
  • You can disable the opening of hidden conversations after pressing the word Whatsapp through option No. 21.6
  • You can arrange messages by oldest and newest after viewing someone’s messages in the group
  • Add confirmation when you call someone in the group
  • Fix forced stop error in auto reply
  • Other fixes


  • Improved Anti-ban more than before
  • Enabled edit messages
  • Misc Other fixes and improvements


  • Base:
  • Added New "Msg a number" UI design
  • Added Options to hide Save and Mark Seen buttons on status page
  • Added Load custom font
  • (1- Select "Custom" from font style, then 2- use Load font option)
  • Added Option to Hide Status Cutter FAB
  • Added FBBackup (Titanium) updated automatically daily
  • Enabled Proxy Settings (Settings > Storage and data > Proxy Settings)
  • Enabled Keep messages option when disappearing mode is active (Long press any message)
  • Fixed Auto reply / forward crash
  • Fixed WhatsApp fingerprint lock issues
  • Fixed Many custom text status icons
  •  Fix all bugs.
  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • More other important fixes and improvements.
  • More Enjoy and discover what's new for yourself!


  • [New] Option to hide camera icon from home top bar (FBMods > Home Screen > Header)
  • [New] Added a new option to hide the Communities section. (FBMods > Home screen > Top bar)
  • [Enabled] Showing the person's status when clicking on the person's photo on the home page
  • [Enabled] Displaying the person's status when entering the person's information
  • [Enabled] Create your own avatar named Avatar
  • [Enabled] Sending text when sending something in file format
  • [Fix] Writing and recording not working (now integrated)
  • [Fix] The new One UI mailbox does not open the correct gallery
  • [Fix] Blank space on the side when recording a voice note
  • [Fix] Hide Recent Cases / Viewed Cases / Viewed Cases option
  • [Fix] Payment icon incorrectly on some writing boxes
  • [Fix] Voice note recording error occurs on some devices
  • [Fix] Message forwarding option in hidden chats
  • [Fix] Bugs in newly added languages.
  • The version of the ban has been improved.
  • Fix all bugs.
  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • More other important fixes and improvements.
  • More Enjoy and discover what's new for yourself!


  • WhatsApp base update:
  • [New] You can now send a sound to the status.
  • NEW] Added a new option under menu options when clicking on chat bubbles. To show an alert when your message is read, click on any message and then choose Notify when message is read (a notification will be sent when the other party reads it).
  • [NEW] Avatar feature to create or edit profile picture has been enabled. (Settings > Avatar)
  • [NEW] Communities feature has been activated.
  • [New] The undo feature has been activated when deleting messages.
  • [New] The ability to send text with a photo or video.
  • [New] The new look is activated when the camera is opened.
  • [New] The feature to message yourself (to save your information) has been activated.
  • [Fix] An error occurred when sending the message on some phones.
  • [Fix] Some bugs in sender boxes.
  • The version of the ban has been improved.
  • Fix all bugs.
  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • Other important fixes and improvements.
  • More Enjoy and discover what's new for yourself!


  • [New] Add a feature to notify someone who writes a message to you (Al-Balani Additions > Notifications > Notification when writing a message).
  • [New] You can now change the shape and colors of the chat bubbles, left and right gradient (Al-Balany Add-ons > Conversation Screen > Bubbles and Right > Gradient Chat Bubbles).
  • [New] Adding 3 beautifully new story modes (Al-Balani Additions > Home Screen > Stories).
  • [NEW] You can now play videos in an external media player app. to activate. (Plugins > Media Settings).
  • [Improvement] The appearance of WhatsApp add-ons for a beautiful, more detailed and easy-to-navigate look for users.
  • [Improvement] The version of the ban.
  • Bug fixes on some phones.
  • [Fix] Polling and voting in groups is now 100% working.
  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • Other important fixes and improvements.
  • More Enjoy and discover what's new for yourself!


  • Add Preview the image / video without saving to the phone or gallery
  • Add Select the default language "Translate to" in chats. Fewer steps, faster translation. (Al-Balani Additions > All Theme for All Interfaces > Settings).
  • Adding backups now will be created on a .ZIP file
  • Add an option to save the image/video when previewing
  • Activate Create polls and vote in groups!
  • Add an option to change the group admin indicator icon (Palani Additions > Conversation Screen > Select Admin Indicator Icon).
  • Add an option to specify the color of the group admin indicator icon (add the balani > chat screen > admin indicator icon color).
  • GBWA backups are now moved to storage/Documents/GBBackups folder
  • Improve now when you uninstall WhatsApp, the back-up file will remain
  • Fix sudden crash in some devices.
  • Fix the inability to control the flash light of the WhatsApp camera shooting.
  • Fix all bugs.
  • Improvements related to app stability and performance.
  • More important fixes and improvements.
  • Have fun and discover what's new for yourself!


  • Update WhatsApp Base:
  • [New] You can now with one click on chat bubbles to show more options in the form of a list like Telegram. Edit chat, translate, change translator language, extract URLs, message details, etc.
  • [New] Add a new type of chat editing, just click on any text in the conversation and you will be able to edit the chat, show the received blue plates, hide the blue plates, modify the time and date, mark V1 canceled, mark V2 canceled, undo mode Mark Canceled V2.
  • [New] Added an option to hide more options in the form of a list such as Telegram. (Al-Balani Additions > Conversation Screen).
  • [New] Added ability to share multiple photos/videos/files at the same time from chat to external apps.
  • [New] Added package name to expiration page to help users know it.
  • [New] Enable filtering of unread messages using search.
  • [NEW] Activate a new drawing pen.
  • [New] Enable Online Privacy You can choose who can see you when you are online. (Settings > Account > Privacy).
  • [NEW] Enable leaving groups secretly without everyone knowing (only admins can see you when you leave).
  • [new] Enabled admin can remove other people's messages in group chats (only works when users are in a new rule).
  • [NEW] Enabled the ability to see previous participants in groups (who left and when!).
  • [NEW] Enable quick feedback on status.
  • [New] Activate the new text status UI.
  • [New] Activate the new status privacy design UI.
  • Returns the feature of the person who blocked you.
  • Fix Go to the first message.
  • Fix showing all messages of a person in group chat.
  • Fixed group message counter on group info page.
  • Fix all bugs.
  • Improvements related to app stability and performance.
  • More important fixes and improvements.


  • Extending the life of the copy to 3 months from the date of publication of the copy.
  • [New] Added a new option for translating text cases.
  • [New] Added a new option to forward your friends' statuses to yours.
  • [New] Add a new option to design text cases and send them to your status as an image.
  • [New] Added 3 new speed dial styles. (Balani Additions > Home Screen > Speed ​​Dial Patterns).
  • [New] Added option to hide unsaved numbers. (Al-Balani Additions > Home Screen > Lines).
  • [New] Added an option to display the icon next to the supervisor's name (Fahd Al-Balani Additions > Conversation Screen).
  • Change the color of the notification bar (top) has been improved everywhere.
  • Added showing a notification for blocked calls when call privacy is activated
  • Added option to disable double tap to like. (Al-Balani Additions > Conversations Screen > Bubbles and Health).
  • Add an icon next to the name of the group owner to know the owner of the group
  • Added a new way to show a new version update (beta)
  • Fix the top bar disappearing in the basic user interface
  • Fix the color of the audio/video icon in the call screen
  • Fix some Arabic translation
  • Improved "Who can call me" settings. Deny options are now automatically disabled when set to Everyone
  • Fix that groups do not appear in the quick chat list.
  • More comment fixes, the app runs smoother and faster.
  • Many other things and I forgot what they are :p
  • More fun and discover what's new for yourself!
  • More important fixes and improvements.

Download GBWhatsApp Pro v20.10

Download (57MB)

You are now ready to download GBWhatsApp Pro for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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