FMWhatsApp 8.96

FMWhatsApp 8.96

FMWhatsApp Latest 2021 is the most famous version in the FMWhatsApp Latest 2021 series of publisher FMWhatsApp
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Additional Information

4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Whatsapp Mods
Varies with device
January 20, 2021
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List of changes in version 8.96
  • 🔸Fix the problem of error and stopping the program when opening images / videos that have been sent using the feature only once viewed
  • ☑️ fixed crash when opening images / videos that have been submitted using the view once feature
  • Correction of the problem of closure and endowment of the program during the conquest of images
List of changes in version 8.95
  • Added unlimited limit to viewing photos and videos ∞ When receiving media using the media view feature only once
  • Troubleshoot sending more than 30 photos / videos from the gallery
  • Troubleshooting the number 0 does not appear on the lock screen of some devices
  • Optimize and fix various problems!
 List of changes in version 8.93
  • Fixed a problem with delays in sending and receiving messages
  • Optimize and fix various problems!
 List of changes in version 8.92
  • Upgrade to WhatsApp version
  • Added message scheduling feature (One UI design)
  • Added auto-reply feature (One UI design)
  • Add all squares now dark / light
  • Added the ability to save a profile photo
  • Fixed lock screen redesign problem
  • Fixed template lock screen redesign problem
  • Fixed the alignment problem in Arabic and Persian
  • Fixed an error and stopped the program when saving the status
  • Fixed a problem with delaying messages on some devices
  • Fixed the problem of not downloading media and loading problems
  • Fixed the problem of stopping fixed calls on some Android devices 11
  • Fixed a problem with the ability to hide status
  • Fixed audio file problem
  • Fixed an error and stopped the app when opening secret conversations on some devices
  • Fixed an issue with not displaying the name at the top of the home screen
  • Fixed a problem copying text on the talk page
  • Troubleshoot the option to hide the status view on some devices
  • Fix the problem of returning old icons (for deleted messages)
  • Fix the bubble problem
  • Fixed wallpaper setting problem on home screen
  • Fixed wallpaper setting problem for lock screen
  • Fixed an issue with cutting status videos on some devices
  • Fixed an error and stopped the program when entering the archived dialogs
  • Fixed an issue with not displaying the word “default” in the color change box
  • Troubleshoot status (silent, displayed, recent)
  • Troubleshooting work Read more …
  • Discover new features for yourself and enjoy!
  • Optimize and fix various problems!

List of changes in version 8.70
Added the ability to change the voice recording of voice messages (open the conversation, then select the 3 dots on top of each other, then select the option to change the voice)
Added the ability to preview and confirm before sending the sticker
Added option to delete downloaded emoticons (emoji) packages
The archives section on the main page now takes on the color of the themes
Fixed an issue with delay in sending group messages
WhatsApp has extended the deadline for the new privacy policy until May 15th.
Optimize and fix various problems!
Ability to hide the last visit
Privacy Options
Ability to distinguish between broadcast list and normal messages
Possibility to know who went online
Ability to set a password lock for WhatsApp
Ability to set the status with 250 characters instead of 139 characters
Ability to click on links without saving the message sender number or group manager
Ability to hide name and date when two or more messages are copied
Ability to change the program shape and change the program icon and notifications
Ability to send high quality images
Ability to disable voice / video calls from anyone you want, or for everyone

WhatsApp is a great application for texting, calling, and be in contact with friends and family, despite WhatsApp being a very famous communication application, users still have some issues with it and they are not fully satisfied with it, because of that FMWhatsApp Plus came to the picture, when you download FMWhatsApp 2020 you will have all WhatsApp features and additional features like themes and hide your online status, … etc.

What is FM WhatsApp Plus ?

It is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp has many features the users of WhatsApp always wished to have like hiding the online status and changing the WhatsApp theme. FMWhatsApp comes with two copies, the first is an alternative to the official WhatsApp, and the second one works next to the official WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp FMWhatsApp, you will have the opportunity to have another WhatsApp based on the original WhatsApp database and all the features of the original WhatsApp version. There is, along with additional features, we may not have been able to choose a suitable title for this post, but we have certainly achieved the main purpose; WhatsApp FM application is installed next to the original version and other edited versions of WhatsApp, and you can register your new number with it. This program will be useful for all people, especially those people who have several numbers and want to have an account of all of them in one phone.



WhatsApp has been banning most of the unofficial versions of WhatsApp, but FMWhatsApp 2020 has been developed to be more secure and anti-ban.


FmWhatsApp has a store for the themes with more than 4000 themes you can try them, most of them are taken from YOWhatsApp.

Privacy Settings

  • Hide online status.
  • Hide blue ticks and the second tick.
  • Lock WhatsApp with pattern or fingertip.
  • Hide “Forward” when sending messages.
  • Hide “Typing” and “Recording”.
  • Prevent deleting messages and statuses.

New Tap for Groups

In FM WhatsApp Plus 2020 you have two taps, one for the groups and the other is for the individual chats.

Pin 100 Chats

In the original WhatsApp you can only pin 3 chats, but in FMWhatsApp you can pin up to 100 chats.

Lock WhatsApp

You can lock WhatsApp with a pattern, PIN, or fingertip, the fingertip option only works if your phone supports fingertip.

FM Media

In WhatsApp, you can send 30 images at once, but in FM WhatsApp you can send 100 images at once, to activate this feature:

Control Widget

You can control the style of the notifications, the color of the icon, and the status font color.

  • From the three vertical dots, go to FM MODS.
  • Go to All.
  • From Settings, scroll down and disable image share limit.

Ability to hide the last visit
Privacy options (show blue tick after replying to messages and…)
Possibility to know who went online
Ability to change emoticons
Show mark next to deleted messages
Ability to cut long videos to 30 seconds for the story
Ability to lock password and fingerprint for WhatsApp
Ability to hide name and date when two or more messages are copied
Ability to change the shape of the application and change the application icon and notifications
Ability to send high quality images
Ability to disable voice / video calls from anyone you want, or for everyone
Other features

Note: If you are using the official version of WhatsApp and you want to install WhatsApp FM without losing conversations, you must follow the steps below:
1. Open WhatsApp, then Settings> Messages> Call Backup
2. Delete the official WhatsApp
3- Enter the phone files section, then change the WhatsApp folder name to FMWhatsApp and delete the official WhatsApp
4. Download and install the “FMWhatsApp installation file”
5. Activate the number (the backup page was found, click on “Restore”)

List of changes in version 8.66
Fixed an update page display problem
Fixes issues that occur accidentally when sending messages in groups
It takes a long time to fix the problem of sending messages in groups
Fixed an error in the function of the blue tick mark when answering
Troubleshooting Swipe Error (Drag Message / Chat)
Troubleshooting by resetting the theme to default wallpapers are also restored
Troubleshooting the status / story scissors option on some devices (not all devices)
Optimize and fix various problems!
Upgrade to WhatsApp version
Disable missing message feature
Enable the ability to mute conversation notifications forever instead of one year
Added the ability to mention the @ sign on the main page (after receiving a reply to your messages or mentioning you in groups, this sign will be displayed on the main page next to the group name)
Add a circle next to the name on the home screen to see who is online now
Added a blue tick when replying to groups (automatically activated with a normal blue tick in the reply option)
Added applying themes via ZIP files
Added the ability to increase the limit of the messaging year to 250 conversations (use it responsibly!)
Added a new interface to copy part of the text from the message bubble (select message> 3 dots> copy part of the text)
Advanced search added (gradually enabled)
Added new custom background interface
Added an option in the Archived Conversations section to display new archived messages in the Archived Conversations list
Added the ability to copy the status description by clicking on it
Added the option to hide recent conversations
Re-add the option to hide other contacts
Re-add the option to hide the people you call frequently
Troubleshooting The new menu will now close automatically

What is FMWhatsApp APK?
It is basically a WhatsApp mod which allows you to do more things than a Playstore APP. Everybody knows
this thing. Actually, I am considering people who searched and comes to this page for downloading
FMWhatsapp APK.
It can be used as the Secondary account along with the Fouad Whatsapp because it comes with the
package name (com.fmwhatsapp). So, it is easy for them who needs the same features app in both the
Even it overcomes the drawback of the Fouad Whatsapp, that is; it can support almost all Android devices.
In the Fouad WA case, it does not support Samsung S5-6-7, Note4-5-7.
So, users of that Samsung series likely to stick with this FMWhatsApp. Thanks to the developer for giving
us an amazing android app.
Fouad Mokdad develops this FMWhatsapp by taking sources from the YoWA and Founded the Fouad
Mods. Now, it is the time to donate some bucks to the developer if you really love his app.

Download FMWhatsApp APK Latest Version 8.45 (Anti-Ban)
Denitely, you would choose this Awesome app, because of the latest version of FMWhatsApp APK
features are quite impressive, and the best thing is; getting updates according to the latest ocial WA.
Below is the latest download link of FMWhatsapp Ocially by Fouad Mokdad. Choose Emoji variant or
Without Emoji variant as per your need.

Below we have given some important features that you will help you to use WhatsApp like a Pro.
Of course, many people might know these features before, if they are migrating from YoWhatsapp. Simply
you can assume that this is Duplicate of YoWa APK with some additional tweaks.
One of the crucial thing in many aspects is updating. Isn’t it? Yes, updates are mandatory in the
perspectives of Security and news features according to the user’s demand.
Fouad Mokdad is doing an amazing job in this thing. He updates the FM Whatsapp according to the Ocial
Version. That gives us some different feeling I mean using the latest version is a somewhat different
experience than older.
However, you can easily nd the new update by going through the settings.
Menu >> Fouad Settings >> Updates >> Web Download

YoThemes is one of the major features that everyone should love. Unlike Gbwhatsapp, it didn’t need a
separate app for themes. That means you are not needed to download another app forcefully.
YoWa developer included this feature inside the app. So, it is the way easy to access all the themes
available for this app in one go. Easy-peasy right?
Many developers are working on making new themes. So, no need to bother with getting a new look every
time. Meanwhile, you can sideload the themes from other sources.
Menu >> Fouad Settings >> YoThemes >> Download

Privacy plays a major role in many android apps. You will get a basic privacy option when you download
Ocial one, but here you can get Advanced Privacy options which are currently being loved by users.
There are some exclusive Privacy options included in this FMWhatsapp. So, you can read all the features
from below.
Freeze Last Seen – this can help you to use WhatsApp anonymously because everyone sees your last
seen not the present one.
Anti Delete Messages – The sender can not delete the messages
Hide View Status – FMWhatsapp hides your view of others status.
Who can call me? – Yes, you heard it right. this could help you to choose the categories like
My Contacts except for Person (can select many contacts which you want to receive calls from

Nobody – Personally liked this one 😎
Here are Some Basic Privacy Options that most of the Whatsapp Mods are providing currently.
Show Blue Ticks after your reply.
Hide Blue Ticks
Hide Second Tick
Hide Blue Microphone
Hide Typing…
Hide Recording
Above options can be set to the separate categories like Contacts, Groups and Broadcasts.
Menu >> Fouad Settings >> Privacy >> Choose
Emoji Variant
Companies like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Apple and Google are providing different emoji variants.
People may stick to one of them according to their taste. Here, FMWhatsApp APK comes with the Emoji
So, you can be easily able to select the option which do you prefer most.
Emoji one v3
Android O
Old Stock Emoji Design
Menu >> Fouad Settings >> Universal >> Mods >> Emoji Variant
As with the other apps, FMWhatsapp is also providing Customisation for the chat screens, backgrounds
and many more. Below list help you to know what you are getting from this app.
You can change the colour of
Status bar
Navigation Bar
Universal Action Bar text
Universal Color
Under the styles, you would nd some interesting things
Font Style
dark UI
Change Notication Icon
The list goes on…
Other Mods
Here I would like to discuss some crucial Features which are available with the FMWhatsapp. Embrace
yourself to read the remaining things.
Send Images in Full Resolution – Yes, you can send up to 18 MB of images without losing the Quality.
Disable Image Share limit – Send Images as you can irrespective with the count.
Video Size Limit – Send videos up to 700 MB
Hide Media from Gallary – FMWhatsapp helps you to store private images or videos.
Password – Set lock with Pattern?PIN/Fingerprint. Even, you can add Recovery Question to it. Isn’t cool?
Airplane Mode (DND Mode) – Do Not Disturb mode allows us to get some peace. Once you allow this, you
won’t get any new messages from your contacts.
Setting UI – Major design changes happened in the Settings user interface. It looks great now.
Instagram Stories UI – It is well popular with the DeltaLabs apps and now, Fouad Mokdad included in his
Fouad Mods apps.
Forward limit – Increased forward limit to 250. So, you can send forward messages to 250 times instead of
5. (Universal >> Setting >> Forward limit)
Story/status time – Now, you can set 5 minutes video to story/status.
Delete message – Increased delete message time 100 days.
Again, List Goes on…
Have you done with the Download?
If yes, then proceed to How To Install on android.

How to Install FMWhatsApp APK on Android? – Step by Step Guide
If you are new to this app and Want to restore previous chat history, then follow this backup Guide
Did you do a complete backup from Above Guide?
Now, You are ready to follow the below procedure.
Step 1. Tap on the FMWhatsapp APK which you have downloaded from this section.
Step 2. While installing the APK, you may get a popup which is asking you to enable Unknown Sources (Up
to Android 7.1) or Allow this source (Android 8.0 onwards)
Allow it.
Step 3. Now Tap on Install and then Installation will be successful.
Step 4. Open the FmWhatsApp and Login with your Phone Number.
Copy Whatsapp data for Migrating users.
Step 5. Open Menu and read over to Fouad Mods. Choose the Mods and themes.
#Do whatever you want.
8/26/2020 FMWhatsApp APK 8.45 Download Latest (Official) [Anti-Ban]
Stickers are the best way to express our exact mood at the moment while words are not so expressive. No
playstore sticker app work for our FMWhatsApp now since it has different package name com.fmwa. So,
below we have given two apps developed by StickersMix for the especially WAMODs.
It is just a stickers android application as normally we found on the google playstore which has a
certain collection of prebuilt stickers. But specially designed for the FMWA package name to offer
2500+ various stickers. Just tap on + (Add) icon. Boom!!
Size | 58 MB
FMStickers Maker
With this FMSticker Maker app, you can make beautiful stickers with your images. And there is an
option to remove the background of the image to look cool. The only one to add stickers from Hike,
Telegram, Line etc. into FMWA.

Over to You
One of the Ocial Way to download FMWhatsApp APK on your android device. Now, a turn is yours to
choose this mod or not. I recommend you to download this FMWA APK or Ocial GB WhatsApp by
GBMODS or YoWhatsapp.
If you are an old user of this FMWhatsApp APK, then I don’t need to recommend you. You always keep this
as your primary Messenger

  • Activate dark mode.
  • Turn off internet from FM WhatsApp only.
  • change the style of the emojis.
  • Change the place of the navigation bar in the main interface.
  • save your friends statuses.
  • Change the style of status to look like Instagram stories.

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