ENWhatsApp 8.96

ENWhatsApp 8.96

ENWhatsApp is the most famous version in the ENWhatsApp series of publisher ENWhatsApp
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4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Whatsapp Mods
Varies with device
April 05, 2021
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List of changes in version 8.96
  • 🔸Fix the problem of error and stopping the program when opening images / videos that have been sent using the feature only once viewed
  • ☑️ fixed crash when opening images / videos that have been submitted using the view once feature
  • Correction of the problem of closure and endowment of the program during the conquest of images
List of changes in version 8.95
  • Added unlimited limit to viewing photos and videos ∞ When receiving media using the media view feature only once
  • Troubleshoot sending more than 30 photos / videos from the gallery
  • Troubleshooting the number 0 does not appear on the lock screen of some devices
  • Optimize and fix various problems!
 List of changes in version 8.93
  • v8.93:
  • Fixed a problem with delays in sending and receiving messages
  • Optimize and fix various problems!
List of changes in version 8.92
  • Upgrade to WhatsApp version
  • Added message scheduling feature (One UI design)
  • Added auto-reply feature (One UI design)
  • Add all squares now dark / light
  • Added the ability to save a profile photo
  • Fixed lock screen redesign problem
  • Fixed template lock screen redesign problem
  • Fixed the alignment problem in Arabic and Persian
  • Fixed an error and stopped the program when saving the status
  • Fixed a problem with delaying messages on some devices
  • Fixed the problem of not downloading media and loading problems
  • Fixed the problem of stopping fixed calls on some Android devices 11
  • Fixed a problem with the ability to hide status
  • Fixed audio file problem
  • Fixed an error and stopped the app when opening secret conversations on some devices
  • Fixed an issue with not displaying the name at the top of the home screen
  • Fixed a problem copying text on the talk page
  • Troubleshoot the option to hide the status view on some devices
  • Fix the problem of returning old icons (for deleted messages)
  • Fix the bubble problem
  • Fixed wallpaper setting problem on home screen
  • Fixed wallpaper setting problem for lock screen
  • Fixed an issue with cutting status videos on some devices
  • Fixed an error and stopped the program when entering the archived dialogs
  • Fixed an issue with not displaying the word “default” in the color change box
  • Troubleshoot status (silent, displayed, recent)
  • Troubleshooting work Read more …
  • Discover new features for yourself and enjoy!
  • Optimize and fix various problems!

Using WhatsApp ENWhatsApp, you will have the opportunity to have another WhatsApp based on the original WhatsApp database and all the features of the original WhatsApp version. There is, along with additional features, we may not have been able to choose a suitable title for this post, but we have certainly achieved the main purpose; WhatsApp EN application is installed next to the original version and other edited versions of WhatsApp, and you can register your new number with it. This program will be useful for all people, especially those people who have several numbers and want to have an account of all of them in one phone.


 List of changes version 8.86
  • v8.86:
  • Added the ability to save profile pictures
  • Troubleshooting Contacts are not displayed on some devices
  • Fixed a problem stopping the app when using the 30-second status feature on some devices
  • Optimize and fix various problems!

 List of changes in version 8.85

  • Upgrade to WhatsApp version
  • Added new options to download statuses (copy title, share, etc.)
  • Added the ability to delete audio from videos When sharing them, tap silently before sending the video.
  • Added new emoticons
  • Added night mode support in the themes section
  • Added option to hide privacy alert (all> hide privacy message). You can hide it without acceptance.
  • Added translation for voice change options
  • Move / fix “Copy title from story” feature to download options instead of long click on text
  • Fixed an issue with not displaying the contact name clearly when using the @ marking feature in groups
  • Fixed the problem of not applying themes wallpaper
  • Fixed background color problem not getting YoWA input
  • Fixed a problem with the ability to back up conversations in Android 11+
  • Improved translations
  • Optimize and fix various problems!

List of changes in version 8.70
Added the ability to change the voice recording of voice messages (open the conversation then select the 3 dots on top of each other then select the option to change the voice)
Added the ability to preview and confirm before sending the sticker
Added option to delete downloaded emoticons (emoji) packages
The archives section on the main page now takes on the color of the themes
Fixed an issue with delay in sending group messages
WhatsApp has extended the deadline for the new privacy policy until May 15th.
Optimize and fix various problems!

Ability to hide the last visit
Privacy options (show blue tick after replying to messages and…)
Possibility to know who went online
Ability to change emoticons
Show mark next to deleted messages
Ability to cut long videos to 30 seconds for the story
Ability to lock password and fingerprint for WhatsApp
Ability to hide name and date when two or more messages are copied
Ability to change the shape of the application and change the application icon and notifications
Ability to send high quality images
Ability to disable voice / video calls from anyone you want, or for everyone
Other features

Note: If you are using the official version of WhatsApp and you want to install WhatsApp EN without losing conversations, you must follow the steps below:
1. Open WhatsApp, then Settings> Messages> Call Backup
2. Delete the official WhatsApp
3- Enter the phone files section, then change the WhatsApp folder name to ENWhatsApp and delete the official WhatsApp
4. Download and install the “ENWhatsApp installation file”
5. Activate the number (the backup page was found, click on “Restore”)

List of changes in version 8.66
Fixed an update page display problem
Fixes issues that occur accidentally when sending messages in groups
It takes a long time to fix the problem of sending messages in groups
Fixed an error in the function of the blue tick mark when answering
Troubleshooting Swipe Error (Drag Message / Chat)
Troubleshooting by resetting the theme to default wallpapers are also restored
Troubleshooting the status / story scissors option on some devices (not all devices)
Optimize and fix various problems!
Upgrade to WhatsApp version
Disable missing message feature
Enable the ability to mute conversation notifications forever instead of one year
Added the ability to mention the @ sign on the main page (after receiving a reply to your messages or mentioning you in groups, this sign will be displayed on the main page next to the group name)
Add a circle next to the name on the home screen to see who is online now
Added a blue tick when replying to groups (automatically activated with a normal blue tick in the reply option)
Added applying themes via ZIP files
Added the ability to increase the limit of the messaging year to 250 conversations (use it responsibly!)
Added a new interface to copy part of the text from the message bubble (select message> 3 dots> copy part of the text)
Advanced search added (gradually enabled)
Added new custom background interface
Added an option in the Archived Conversations section to display new archived messages in the Archived Conversations list
Added the ability to copy the status description by clicking on it
Added the option to hide recent conversations
Re-add the option to hide other contacts
Re-add the option to hide the people you call frequently
Troubleshooting The new menu will now close automatically

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