BT WhatsApp v10.00

BT WhatsApp v10.00

BT WhatsApp v10.00 is the most famous version in the BT WhatsApp v10.00 series of publisher Taha Qudsi
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Taha Qudsi
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WhatsApp Plus has become very famous lately for the features the application has, which are not found in the original WhatsApp such as hiding the online status and saving your friends’ status, in this article we talk about BT2 WhatsApp, how to download BTWhatsApp and what are the latest updates of BTWahtsApp.


It is a modified version of the original WhatsApp for the developer Taha Qudsi, BT Whatsapp comes with four copies, the first one is BTWhatsApp Blue which is an alternative to the original WhatsApp, the rest are BTWhatsApp red, pink, and gold. All of them work next to the original with a second number.

BTWhatsApp Update

  • New iPhone fonts.
  • pause and resume voice notes.
  • New UI profile design.
  • New option save to gallery when the media visibilty is turned off.

Other Features in BTWhatsApp

  • Activate dark mode.
  • Add floating button where you can access your friends conversations.
  • Save your friends status.
  • Change the font type and emoji style.
  • Control the main interface, where you can change the place of the navigation bar.
  • Change the icon color and the notification style.

Top Features of BTWahtsApp


You don’t have to delete the original WhatsApp, with BTWhatsApp you can have three copies of WhatsApp on your phone.


You can turn off Wi-Fi only on WhatsApp, while it’s still on for the rest of the apps on your phone.


From the settings choose Auto Reply and add the reply you want to send automatically when you are busy.


You can schedule messages and choose the time and date you want them to be sent.


You can send messages to unsaved numbers in BTWhatsApp, you only need to put the number and the message and then you can send it.


This one is similar to other versions of WhatsApp Plus, you have better control over your privacy, so you can: hide online status, hide blue ticks and the second tick, lock WhatsApp with pattern or fingertip, and hide “Typing” and “Recording”.


In the original WhatsApp, you either download all media or stop all media from being downloaded, but in BTWhatsApp you can select the media you want to be downloaded to your phone.

BT WhatsApp v10.00

❇️ Add the function to copy captions on photos/videos: select a photo/video > from the 3 dots > copy captions
❇️ Added ability to ‘search the web’ or use Emoji for profile picture
❇️ Comments function added (press and hold any message)
❇️ Add stop and resume voice memo recording
❇️ Add new privacy settings for last seen and profile picture
❇️ Fix fake virus/malware reports
❇️ Fix blue microphone icon issue on home screen
❇️ Fix confirmation before video call
❇️ Fix list of bots not clickable
❇️ Fix mute indicator in WAMOD style
❇️ Fix copied text message appearing when translating
❇️ Improved translation for some options within the app
❇️ More fixes and improvements

BT WhatsApp v5.00

  • * Exclusively adding the function to listen to voice messages at different speeds by changing the buttons while the message is playing
  • * Add a new shape for additions and ease of navigation
  • * Add a new look to archived conversations like before
  • * Add a new option in Additions section to remove WhatsApp leftovers
  • * Fixed a delay in sending and receiving messages.
  • * Fix crash issue when cutting video in case on all devices
  • * Fix background color for status text input in dark mode
  • * Correct font color when changing theme
  • * Fixes the problem that the message storage space is about to be full.
  • * Other fixes and improvements
  • * More other additions find out for yourself

Blue BTWhatsApp

This version is an alternative to the original WhatsApp.

Pink BT2WhatsApp

This has a pink theme for girls, you can use it next to the original WhatsApp.

Golden BT2WhatsApp

This is the version that most people use from BTWhatsApp, you can use it next to the original WhatsApp.

Red BT4WhatsApp

This is the fourth version of BTWhatsApp, runs a fourth WhatsApp number.

    • Add new options to the floating button.
    • New design for the status tab, it looks like Instagram stories.
    • Video calls for 8 people.
    • You can forward messages to more than 1000 people.

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