AkWhatsApp 14.00

AkWhatsApp 14.00

AkWhatsApp Latest 2021 is the most famous version in the AkWhatsApp Latest 2021 series of publisher AkWhatsApp
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AkWhatsApp 14.00

❇️ – Stop and resume audio notes
❇️- Confirm before the video call.
❇️- Improved against ban.
❇️ – Override one-time viewing / view images and video for unlimited number ∞.
❇️ – Speed up recordings and audio.
❇️ – Open more than one account on WatsApp Colonel easily
❇️ – Fast translation in conversation.
❇️ – Customize auto download for all media

AkWhatsApp 8.00

???? #Base:
❇️ [Added] Activate more than one number on WhatsApp easily, like Telegram.
❇️ [Added] Quick translation in conversation.
[Added] Customize automatic media download for each chat.
❇️ [Added] Change voice in WhatsApp to change voice (conversation screen options by clicking the three dots in the corner of the screen and then changing the voice).
❇️ [Added] An option to hide privacy terms notification (Additions> Settings> Hide privacy message). You can hide it without accepting.
❇️ [Added] Copy part of the text by selecting the desired message, then the options and then copying part of the text.
❇️ [Added] Advanced Search {You can search by testing search (image, gif, video, document, links, audio clip)}.
✴️ [Fixed] All surprise apps crash.
✴️ [Fixed] The problem of delaying the sending and receiving of messages.
✴️ [Fixed] Increasing the duration of the status by more than an hour, even in the case of changing the subject.
???? [Fix] Status cut for Android 10.
✴️ [Fixed] Full firmware backup does not work on Android 11+.
✴️ [Fixed] Loading media on Android 11.

AkWhatsApp 5.00

???? #Base_Fouad
???? 12-19-2020
???? Ak news
▪️ Automatic message disappearance option.
▪️Circle next to name on main page to see who is online now.
▪️ Theme via ZIP file.
▪️Option within archived messages to show new archived messages within the list of archived messages.
▪️ Forward message to more than 5 people.
▪️The main screen creator function appears. @ If someone refers to you or replies to your message in a group, @ appears on the main screen.
▪️automatic response.
▪️ scheduled messages.
▪️ VPN proxy breaker
▪️ Effects on WhatsApp, home screen effects and chat scrolling.
▪️Much more

AkWhatsApp 4.00

⚡️ Disappearing messages option
⚡️ Mention brand
⚡️ Point online / offline
⚡️ Blue check mark in Reply for groups (automatically enabled with normal blue check mark in Reply option)
⚡️ Load theme from ZIP file
⚡️ Click on the status title to copy
⚡️ Stock chat
⚡️ Increase the advance limit to 250 (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK).
⚡️New UI to copy text selection from message bubble
⚡️ Advanced search
⚡️ New custom wallpaper UI
⚡️ Hide recent chats option
⚡️ Hide other contacts option
⚡️ Hide frequent contact option
⚡️ The new menu now closes automatically
⚡️ Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot.

AkWhatsApp 3.00

  • ???? News
  • ????Add a new default theme (day / night)
  • ????Add new designs for Instagram style cases
  • ????Add a new design to the way to add a case through Instagram style
  • ????New design for bottom navigation bar styles
  • ????Add a new design to the question by activating the options (flight mode, night / day mode)
  • ????Added auto name moving on top bar in case it’s long
  • ????Adding the flight button will give a pulse signal if enabled
  • ????Add color options for Instagram cases
  • ????Fixed an issue where an image would not appear next to the media bubble in groups
  • ????Fixed Fly button and Day / Night mode not disappearing on Groups page
  • ????Fixed bottom navigation bar issues with Arabic language interface
  • ????Muchs more things ..
  • ????Added message function for groups in the new format.
  • ????Added Android 10 interface.
  • ????Added Featured floating button improved.
  • ????Added hide floating button in conversation.
  • ????Added New default theme (day / night).
  • ????Added New design on how to add status via Instagram Style.
  • ????Added New design for bottom navigation bar styles.
  • ????Added New question design when activating options (Internet disconnection mode, day / night mode).
  • ????Added, Automatically move the name in the top bar if it is long.
  • ???? Added Internet pause button will give a pulse signal if enabled.
  • ????Added Color options for Instagram cases
  • ????[Solution] All apps crash suddenly.
  • ????[Solution] problem A sudden crash of WhatsApp.
  • ????[Fix] The problem of entering the call information on the main screen.
  • ????[Fix] An issue where an image was not appearing next to the media bubble in groups.
  • ????[Fix] Internet shutdown button and day / night mode on groups page did not go away.
  • ????[Fix] Bottom navigation bar issues with Arabic language interface.
  • ????[Correction] The translation function within conversations must be installed by the program (Google Translate).
  • ????Added to show the messages sent in group for each member.
  • ????Added, Main screen creator function appears @ If someone refers to you or replies to your message in a group, @ appears on main screen.
  • ????Added Auto answer function.
  • ????Added scheduled messages function.
  • ????Added VPN proxy breaker function for countries where WhatsApp connection is prohibited. You can activate the VPN and connect with ease.
  • ????Added Effects feature in WhatsApp drop effects.
  • ????sparkle: Much more

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